Saint Francis Assisi's Church, Zagreb

Saint Francis Assisi's Church, Zagreb

The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Zagreb, is a remarkable historical and architectural gem with a rich history that dates back to the 13th century. Originally built as part of a Franciscan monastery, the church's foundation is linked to a legend involving Saint Francis himself. According to the legend, after returning from the east, Saint Francis visited Zagreb and stayed with a wealthy widow named Catherine Galovic. Moved by her encounter with the saint, Galovic donated the land for the construction of the Franciscan monastery and church.

Architecturally, the church was initially built in the Gothic style, typical of Franciscan structures of that era. However, following a significant earthquake in 1880, it underwent substantial renovations, adopting a neo-Gothic style. A new steeple was also added during this renovation, enhancing its architectural grandeur. These changes transformed the church into one of the finest examples of Franciscan buildings in Central Europe.

Inside the church, devotion to Saint Francis is evident. The altar, along with numerous paintings and sculptures, is dedicated to the saint, reflecting the deep-rooted Franciscan heritage. The main altar, dating back to 1672, is particularly noteworthy. Behind this altar was once a shrine, and the choir area boasts intricately designed choir seats. These seats, crafted in 1394 by Giacomo da Borgo Sansepolcro, feature exquisite Gothic-style fretwork, showcasing the artistic craftsmanship of the period.

The church's historical significance extends beyond its religious and architectural features. The sacristy, adjacent to the choir area, is a site of immense historical importance. It was here in 1358 that the Treaty of Zadar was signed between the Venetian Republic and the Hungarian-Croatian King Louis I. This treaty marked a pivotal moment in Croatian history, as the Venetians relinquished their control over Dalmatian territories.

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Saint Francis Assisi's Church on Map

Sight Name: Saint Francis Assisi's Church
Sight Location: Zagreb, Croatia (See walking tours in Zagreb)
Sight Type: Religious

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