Saint Michael’s Church, Leuven

Saint Michael’s Church, Leuven

Constructed between 1650 and 1671 under the guidance of Jesuit architect Willem Hesius, Saint Michael's Church was initially intended as a place of worship for the Jesuit College of Leuven. The Jesuit community, founded by Ignatius de Loyola in Paris in 1540, found its way to Leuven in 1542, where it established its presence and began laying the foundation for Saint Michael's Church.

Reflecting the grandeur of Baroque architecture, Saint Michael's Church is often regarded as a masterpiece of the Jesuit style. Drawing inspiration from the illustrious Il Gesù Baroque Church in Rome, the church stands as a testament to the artistic and spiritual prowess of its creators. Despite its intended dome remaining unfinished, the church's facade stands as one of the renowned "seven wonders of Leuven," adorned with intricate decorations and ornate detailing that captivate the eye of beholders.

Rich in historical artifacts and original Baroque furnishings, such as the copper holy-water font dating back to 1473 and the frontal facade resembling an altar, the church offers visitors a glimpse into its storied past and architectural splendor.

Today, Saint Michael's Church continues to stand as a symbol of faith and cultural heritage, welcoming visitors from near and far to marvel at its awe-inspiring beauty and immerse themselves in its rich history.

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Sight Name: Saint Michael’s Church
Sight Location: Leuven, Belgium (See walking tours in Leuven)
Sight Type: Religious
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