Skulptur Stebuklingas Peliukas (Sculpture The Magic Mouse), Klaipeda

Skulptur Stebuklingas Peliukas (Sculpture The Magic Mouse), Klaipeda (must see)

The Sculpture of The Magic Mouse graces the charming streets of Klaipėda's Old Town at the intersection of Kurpių and Kepejų streets. Crafted from a combination of bronze and stone, this miniature masterpiece was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of sculptors S. Jurkaus and S. Plotnikovas, with architectural input from V. Paulionis.

The magical mouse is more than just a delightful piece of art; it is believed to possess wish-fulfilling powers. Visitors are invited to whisper their heartfelt wishes into the mouse's ear, embracing the enchanting notion that, with belief and sincerity, their wishes will come true. The inscription surrounding the sculpture imparts a guiding message: "Turn thoughts into words - words will become miracles."

To ensure that the magical mouse captures the wishes of all who visit, its endearing feature includes oversized ears, symbolizing receptivity to the hopes and dreams shared by those who seek its magic. This whimsical sculpture, a testament to the artists' creativity and goodwill, stands as a symbol of positivity and the transformative power of belief.

Financed by the dedicated artists themselves, the Sculpture of The Magic Mouse adds a touch of wonder to Klaipėda's historic landscape, inviting locals and tourists alike to engage in the age-old tradition of making wishes and cherishing the magic found in the simplest of moments.

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Skulptur Stebuklingas Peliukas (Sculpture The Magic Mouse) on Map

Sight Name: Skulptur Stebuklingas Peliukas (Sculpture The Magic Mouse)
Sight Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania (See walking tours in Klaipeda)
Sight Type: Statue/Public Art
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