St. John's Anglican Church, Izmir

St. John's Anglican Church, Izmir

St. John's Anglican Church, also known as the Anglican Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist, is a historical and significant religious landmark located in Izmir. The church's establishment was a response to the need for a place of worship after the British Consulate was rebuilt without provisions for a church. The present site was purchased specifically for this purpose, and local funds were raised to finance the construction of the church.

In November 1898, the foundation stone was laid, and the diligent efforts of the community led to the completion of St. John's in 1899. The church can accommodate around 150 people, providing a serene and contemplative space for Anglican worship in the heart of Izmir.

Upon entering St. John's, visitors are greeted by the baptismal font, strategically placed near the main entrance. This symbolizes the belief that through baptism, individuals become members of the Church of Christ. The font is shaped like a shell, an ancient Christian symbol representing pilgrimage and spiritual journey.

The church's interior features a stunning east window that immediately catches the eye. It displays a traditional depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, with his mother Mary on his right and St. John on his left. This beautiful stained-glass window serves as a focal point of reflection and devotion for the congregation.

St. John's Anglican Church holds various items of historical and cultural significance in its inventory. Among these are a pair of crosses laid on the altar table. The style of these crosses suggests their origins from Russia and Ethiopia, adding to the rich diversity and international character of the church.

The church is open to visitors on weekdays and weekends in the afternoon.

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Sight Name: St. John's Anglican Church
Sight Location: Izmir, Turkey (See walking tours in Izmir)
Sight Type: Religious
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