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GPSmyCity's Blog2App platform enables travel bloggers to monetize their blog posts on iTunes App Store and Google Play as well. GPSmyCity not only offers a brand new revenue channel to travel bloggers, but also does all the associated leg work. After you have registered an author account, our staff will upload suitable content from your blog site and have it converted into apps so you can start earning income right away.


You have a blog that offers travel advice and tips, as well as interesting stories about the places you have lived in and/or visited. You monetize your blog through ad network, affiliate links, sponsored post and so on.

The App Economy

Nowadays, there is an app for everything and more and more people are shifting their travel planning from web to mobile, increasingly relying on mobile apps as their primary tool for all travel-related activities, from booking trips to planning daily itineraries to exploring destinations. In 2015, iTunes App Store revenue reached over $20 billion, up 40% from the previous year, and it is estimated that Google Play revenue for the same period totaled over $11 billion.

Are you still invisible in the app economy? If so, you are missing out on a huge income opportunity for your blog.

The Blog2App Platform

GPSmyCity is a pioneer in transforming travel blogs from static web pages to GPS-powered mobile apps. Our Blog2App platform makes it possible so you don't have to possess any programming skills. We help travel bloggers monetize their blogs on iTunes App Store and Google Play, and thus participate in the burgeoning App Economy.

How It Works

Turn Your Blog Posts Into Mobile Apps

Our innovative technology, Blog2App Platform, converts your blog posts from static web pages into GPS-powered mobile application software, also known as mobile apps. The converted mobile apps can be downloaded onto mobile phones and tablets. Travelers can then read your articles on their mobile devices as if they were reading them on your website, but that is where the similarity stops. There are some major benefits for those using a travel article app on a mobile phone or tablet.

i) Read offline. An article app can be read offline, e.g. on an airplane or carried around while sightseeing. This means no more boring hours on a plane because now travelers can read about their favored destinations and plan their trips accordingly. And later, instead of trying to recall what's been said about this or that attraction on your website, they can simply read about it while standing right in front of it.

ii) Get travel directions. This is the most exciting part of using an article app. While a travel article app can be downloaded onto a mobile device for free, readers have the option to upgrade it by paying a small fee to bind the article to an offline map and a GPS navigation engine. Once upgraded, your article is empowered with GPS navigator. Now, if the readers want to visit that same landmark you have eloquently described in your article or a hidden gem you have stumbled upon, or some amazing restaurant you have discovered, they can easily do so by simply clicking a “Go There” button next to the attraction name in the article and have a travel route plotted on an offline map to that particular place (be it on foot, by car or bicycle). The converted travel article app works offline, so there is no need for data plan or roaming – perfect for travelers!

Earn 70% of Net Sales Income on iTunes and Google Play

There is no fee for using Blog2App platform to publish articles on iTunes App Store and Google Play. We work with travel bloggers on a revenue share basis. The income from the article app upgrade described previously is shared between blogger and GPSmyCity. As a blogger, you receive 70% of the article net sales, which is the article gross sales income less the commission fee charged by iTunes App Store or Google Play and the cost of a third party offline map.

Complementary Income and No Extra Writing

The income you earn on iTunes App Store and Google Play is completely complementary to the current income from your blog site. No additional writing is required for converting your travel articles into mobile apps and selling them on iTunes App Store and Google Play. We work with your existing blog content so you can start earning right away.

Retain Ownership of Your Content

You retain full ownership of your blog content. You grant GPSmyCity exclusive rights to convert your blog posts into mobile apps and publish them on iTunes App Store and Google Play. We require exclusive rights to avoid duplicate publications on the app stores which is prohibited by both Apple and Google. Should you not be satisfied with our service, you can terminate your author account any time and all intellectual rights over your articles will be reverted back to you. Please see the complete terms and conditions here.

Publishing on GPSmyCity is Easy

Publishing your blog article is extremely easy. Since we work with your existing posts, no additional writing is necessary. Moreover, our staff can upload your blog posts into the system for conversion on your behalf free of charge. Yes, that's right. We can do all the leg work for you. Just let us know if you need our assistance.

About GPSmyCity

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The Blog2App platform is open to travel bloggers on an invitation basis. If you are a travel blogger and have been contacted by GPSmyCity staff or are a Blog2App ambassador, please read the Frequently Asked Questions and then click the “Register A FREE Author Account” link below to get started.

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