Create Your Own DIY Sightseeing Map in Rome, Italy

Create your own self-guided walk to explore the city, starting from your hotel or a place of your choice. Afterwards the customized walk can be saved to your mobile phone or tablet. Using the GPSmyCity app, you can follow the walk route with ease. View this short introduction video to learn more and use the contact us form to ask questions or report issues. View all attractions on the map.

Step 1: Select Attractions

Select the city attractions to be included in the custom walk by tapping "Select" button under the sight image. Maximum 15 attractions per walk.
[A1] Akab
[A2] Albano
[A3] Aldo Fefé
[A4] Altare della Patria
[A5] Ambra Jovinelli
[A6] Angelo Mai
[A7] Anima
[A8] Antica Caciara
[A9] Antiquetrade di Trovarelli Massimiliano
[B1] Arch of Constantine (must see)
[B2] Archbasilica of St. John in Lateran (must see)
[B3] Bar della Pace
[B4] Barber Shop at Trevi Fountain (The Haircut)
[B5] Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo
[B6] Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (must see)
[B7] Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin (must see)
[B8] Basilica of Saint Clement (must see)
[B9] Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls (must see)
[C1] Beauty Point
[C2] Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana
[C3] Bioparco
[C4] Borghetto Flaminio
[C5] Bottega Veneta
[C6] Buccone
[C7] Bulgari
[C8] Campo de' Fiori (must see)
[C9] Capitoline Hill (must see)
[D1] Capitoline Museums (must see)
[D2] Cappella Paolina
[D3] Carcere Mamertino
[D4] Castel Sant'Angelo (Night of Dancing on the River)
[D5] Chiesa di San Paolo alle Tre Fontane
[D6] Church of Saint Charles at the Four Fountains
[D7] Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola (must see)
[D8] Circus Maximus
[D9] Colosseum (must see)
[E1] Column of Marcus Aurelius (must see)
[E2] Comandini
[E3] Conte Staccio
[E4] Cortile del Belvedere
[E5] Crypta Balbi (must see)
[E6] DCube
[E7] Dolce & Gabbana
[E8] Dolce e Non Solo
[E9] Ente Teatrale Italiano (E.T.I.)
[F1] Explora Children's Museum
[F2] Fabriano
[F3] Farnese Gardens
[F4] Fluid
[F5] Fontana del Moro
[F6] Fontana della Barcaccia
[F7] Fountain of Neptune
[F8] Fountain of the Four Rivers (must see)
[F9] Francesco Rogani
[G1] Freni e Frizioni
[G2] Furla
[G3] G. Rocca Cafe at Pantheon (Meeting Irving)
[G4] Galleria Alberto Sordi (American News Service Office)
[G5] Galleria Borghese (must see)
[G6] Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica (Palazzo Barberini)
[G7] Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica (Palazzo Corsini)
[G8] Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (must see)
[G9] Galleria dei Cosmati
[H1] Gilda
[H2] Giorgio De Chirico House Museum
[H3] Goa Club
[H4] Great Synagogue of Rome
[H5] Imperial Fora (must see)
[H6] Init
[H7] Jackie O
[H8] Jonothan's Angels
[H9] K-Club
[J1] Keats-Shelley Memorial House
[J2] L'Artigianato
[J3] La Bottega del Cioccolato
[J4] La Cabala
[J5] La Soffitta Sotto i Portici
[J6] Lanificio 159
[J7] Mercato delle Stampe
[J8] Mercato di Porta Portese
[J9] Micca Club
[K1] Montecitorio Palace
[K2] Mood
[K3] Municipal Rose Garden
[K4] Museo Barracco (Barracco Museum)
[K5] Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari
[K6] Museo della Civiltà Romana
[K7] Museo di Roma (Rome City Museum)
[K8] Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO) (must see)
[K9] National Etruscan Museum
[L1] National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo (must see)
[L2] National Museum of Oriental Art
[L3] National Roman Museum (Museo Nazionale Romano) (must see)
[L4] Nur Bar
[L5] Obelisco di Marconi
[L6] Obelisk
[L7] Oratorio dei Filippini (The Bell Tower Moment)
[L8] Palatine Hill (must see)
[L9] Palazzo Altemps (must see)
[N1] Palazzo Barberini (Princess Ann's Embassy)
[N2] Palazzo Brancaccio (Princess Ann's Embassy)
[N3] Palazzo Colonna (The Interview)
[N4] Palazzo Doria Pamphilj (must see)
[N5] Palazzo Nuovo
[N6] Palazzo Spada
[N7] Palazzo Venezia
[N8] Palazzo dei Congressi
[N9] Palazzo dei Conservatori
[P1] Palazzo del Quirinale
[P2] Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana
[P3] Palazzo della Consulta (Int. Police Station)
[P4] Palazzos dell'INPS e dell'INA
[P5] Pantheon (must see)
[P6] Parco di Colle Oppio
[P7] Pasticceria Valzani
[P8] Paul VI Audience Hall
[P9] Piazza Colonna (must see)
[R1] Piazza Navona (must see)
[R2] Piazza del Popolo (must see)
[R3] Piazza di Spagna (must see)
[R4] Pigorini Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico
[R5] Pincio Gardens
[R6] Pyramid of Cestius
[R7] Qube
[R8] Rashomon Club
[R9] Republic Square
[S1] Roman Forum (must see)
[S2] Room26
[S3] Salotto 42
[S4] San Pietro in Vincoli (must see)
[S5] Santa Cecilia in Trastevere
[S6] Santa Maria degli Angeli (must see)
[S7] Santa Maria del Popolo (must see)
[S8] Santa Maria della Concezione
[S9] Santa Maria in Trastevere (must see)
[T1] Santa Maria sopra Minerva (must see)
[T2] Shari Vari Playhouse
[T3] Sistine Chapel (must see)
[T4] Spanish Steps (must see)
[T5] St. Peter's Basilica (must see)
[T6] St. Peter's Square (must see)
[T7] Teatro Belli
[T8] Teatro Brancaccio
[T9] Teatro dell’ Opera
[U1] Temple of Saturn (must see)
[U2] The Appian Way (Via Appia)
[U3] The Drunken Ship
[U4] Theatre of Marcellus (must see)
[U5] Time Elevator
[U6] Tomb of Caecilia Metella
[U7] Trajan's Market
[U8] Trevi Fountain (must see)
[U9] Triton Fountain
[V1] Vatican Gardens
[V2] Vatican Museums (must see)
[V3] Via Margutta 51 (Joe Bradley’s Apartment)
[V4] Vicious Club
[V5] Villa Borghese
[V6] Villa Celimontana
[V7] Villa Doria Pamphilj (must see)
[V8] Villa Sciarra
[V9] Villa Torlonia

Step 2: Select Starting Point

The walk's starting point can be either one of the selected attractions or some other personal place of choice, e.g. your hotel or nearby metro station.
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Step 3: Create/Update Route

The selected attractions are displayed on the map below. The red pins mark must-see attractions, green pins - ordinary attractions. If you selected a hotel or another personal place in Step 2, it is marked by a blue pin.
The tour starting point is your personal place specified in Step 2.
Indicate the tour start point by entering the map pin ID in the field below.
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Step 4: Save Your Custom Walk

Enter a name for your custom walk, along with your email address, in the fields below. You will receive the instructions for retrieving your custom walk on the GPSmyCity app by email. You can change the sights and re-arrange the walk route using the app.
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