Nagoya Station Pub Crawl

Nagoya Station Pub Crawl

This crawl takes you through the centre of Nagoya, locally known as Mei Eki. This is a very cosmopolitan area where drunken salary-men rub shoulders with drunken gaijin. On this list is a selection of different British pubs and bars, just in case you’re hankering for a Guinness and a decent spot to watch the football.
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1. Cooper's Bar

Cooper's Bar
Next on the list is Coopers Bar, a more authentic Irish bar, but less lively than Estadio in equal measure. In warmer weather you can sit outside watching the world go by, but during less welcoming seasons, the bar is cosy and well kept. You can get a mammoth Guinness for free if you drink it quick enough, but beware, if you fail the time trial there’s a 5000yen charge. The record is always being beaten, so ask the bar staff for details.
Where to find it:
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Nakamura-ku, Nagoya Station 4-3-25 Castle Plaza Hotel B1

Working Hours:
Dinner from 03:00pm-12:00am

2. The Hub (Nagoya Station)

The Hub (Nagoya Station)
Stop number 2 is the biggest Hub in Nagoya and for those of you that don’t know, the Hub is a nationwide chain offering cheap drinks and “English” food, both of which are cheap and easy to order thanks to a detailed English menu. There is a happy hour between 5-7pm and a member’s card available, which gives you 5% off all orders (even during happy hour) and a chance to accumulate points that can be traded in for credit at the bar. It is always busy, but during any major sporting event it is downright packed, so if you plan to watch a match here, come early to get a seat.
Where to find it:
3-15-11 Meieki, Nakamura-ku | 1F M3 Dinning Bldg.

3. Peat Irish Tavern

Peat Irish Tavern
Once you’ve finished at the Hub, you can head to Peat, a pub which prides itself on having a unique system that keeps their Guinness at the optimum temperature no matter the weather, so they lay claim to serve the best pint in the city. It is a relatively large place that often has live Irish music, it also has an extensive liquor menu and they’ve attempted to transform staple British foods like Fish and Chips and roast meats into gourmet meals, a nice little touch, but drinker beware, all of these niceties are reflected in the price.
Where to find it:
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, 450-0002 3-15-1 Nagoya Dial Building No.2 Building 1F

4. Back 40

Back 40
This crawl offers a wild card situated near Peat on the second floor of the Orchid Building (above the Lawson). Back 40 is Nagoya’s answer to Hooters; entry is 500yen and gives you nothing else besides the privilege to stare at well-endowed waitresses in skimpy clothing. It’s far more entertaining and less sleazy than it sounds however, drinks are only slightly more expensive than other (fully clothed) bars and the foods seem to draw in a large number of enkai (business parties). The place is obviously popular with Nagoya’s male population, but you may be surprised by how many women frequent the place as well.

5. OXO (Nagoya Station)

OXO (Nagoya Station)
The last stop is Oxo, another chain of British pubs not completely dissimilar to the Hub. Again there is an English menu offering cheap and cheerful drinks and foods. Oxo seems to draw in more of a Japanese crowd and in my (humble) opinion, offers better cocktails than those served at the Hub. It is also a great place to end the crawl as right next door is a cheap Karaoke place!
Where to find it:
MeiekiFirst Bldg.1F 4-26-10 Nakamura-ku Nagoya Japan


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