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Shopping, Dining, and Playing in Nice, France: Good for You, Good for the Planet

Shopping, Dining, and Playing in Nice, France: Good for You, Good for the Planet

When we travel, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. There are just so many wonderful things to see, do, eat, and drink that our well-being can suffer while we live it up. That’s why a stop in Nice is a great idea when you’re in France.

A few years ago, the city of Nice decided to go green. They built built eco-friendly tramways, started a bike-share program, and cleared the way for some massive downtown green space. Plans are in the works for improved regional transportation and more parks.

That’s not the best part! The merchants of Nice followed suit, and now Nice is a great place to find organic and locally grown foods, self-care opportunities, vintage clothing, and other healthy pursuits that are good for you and good for the planet. Let me introduce you to a few places in Nice where you can take care of yourself the way nature intended.

1. Esstra

At Esstra, a new restaurant in central Nice, you enter through a small grocery section that offers locally made cheeses, olive products, and wines. The cozy, stone-lined restaurant uses only organic, locally-grown produce, and gets all its food directly from producers. Because of this seasonal and local emphasis, each day’s menu is unique. Instead of printed menus, daily specials are written on a chalkboard. There is always a selection of fresh pastries. It’s delicious, and nutritious!
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2. Jean de la Tomate

Jean de la Tomate
Whether you’re cooking for yourself or shopping for souvenirs, Jean de la Tomate has something for you. This tiny grocery store in central Nice features fresh, locally-grown produce, olive oils and tapenades, pastas and sauces, and wine and beer. Jean, the grocer, will help you choose which items to take home in your suitcase, or which items to cook tonight.
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3. Bioman

This full-size grocery store and cafe in central Nice has everything you need in the way of food, skin and hair care, vitamins, and cleaning products. They have fresh and packaged food, as well as a large frozen section. Bioman is also a great place to pick up travel snacks such as nuts, bars, fruit, and trail mix. Stop by the cafe for a bite of lunch before you leave.
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You can carry this article in your mobile device to read offline and create a self-guided walk to visit the venues featured herein with the GPSmyCity App (available on iTunes App Store or Google Play Store).

4. Le Briqueterie

Le Briqueterie
Relaxing on the beach with a book is one of life’s finer pleasures, and this beautiful shop in Nice’s Old Town is the place to go for your beach read. One of the frustrating things about traveling is seeing a beautiful bookstore and realizing your current foreign-language skills prevent you from making any meaningful purchases, except for gigantic coffee-table photo books that won’t fit in your suitcase. However, at La Briqueterie you can browse their supply of English language bestsellers, classics, and travel books. They also carry linens, prints, artsy postcards, and whimsical gifts.

5. Nice Organic

Nice Organic
If you haven’t tried herbal medicine, this is the time to do it. When you tell one of the herbalists at NO (Nice Organic) what ails you, they will mix up a custom blend of essential oils or teas just for you. They will also ship their products, so if you like it and run out after you get back to Omaha or Abilene or wherever, they will send you some more. Browse through their prepared packages of tea, soaps, lotions, and bottles of oils, or let them brew you up something special.

6. Joya

Sometimes you have to work on the road, but your hotel wifi just doesn’t cut it. If you’re in Nice, go to Joya Lifestore. It’s a combination concept store, restaurant, and workspace. The concept store, concentrated at the front of the space, contains prints by designers and local artists, dishware, furniture, candles, and children’s items. The store and restaurant are on the first floor, with workspace upstairs. Individual workstations are five euros per hour, with wifi and shared kitchen space included. You can also rent rooms for conferences, lectures, or cocktail parties, depending on your needs. Some spaces can even be reconfigured to customize your event. If you don’t speak much French, there are English speakers are on staff. It sure beats Starbucks!

7. La Belle Epoque

La Belle Epoque
When you shop vintage, you get high quality clothing that’s also sustainable. At La Belle Epoque, the pieces are carefully chosen for durability and style, and everybody can find something chic. The owner speaks English and will set you up in a tiny dressing room when you’re ready to try your pieces on. The earth will thank you!

8. Cafe du Cycliste

Cafe du Cycliste
For all you cyclists out there, a great opportunity awaits you in Nice. The French cycling tradition is alive and well, and you can participate. Whether you want to join a local ride, rent a bike, shop for bike wear, or get a snack at their cafe, Cafe du Cyclist at the Port of Nice can take care of all your cycling needs. They will rent you a bike or, if you brought yours, they’ll service it for you. They are also a meeting place for local Sunday rides. Tourists and travelers are welcome.

9. Riviera Yoga

Riviera Yoga
Travel is amazing, but it is also stressful. If you practice yoga regularly, you know about the health benefits, but it’s hard to keep it going in cramped hotel rooms or during busy travel days. Riviera Yoga, located near the Port of Nice, has drop-in classes, and they speak English. Stop by for an hour and put everything back in line.You’ve only got one you --take care of it! You’ll be glad you did.

So, next time you’re in the south of France, stop by Nice. You can eat healthy, relax, workout, stock up on souvenirs that are friendly to the planet, and even get a little work done in a secure, relaxing environment. Who knew Nice could be so nice?

Author Bio: Yvonne Shao is an American writer living in Paris. You can read about her adventures in her blog Escaping the Empty Nest.

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