Ancient Theatre of Ohrid, Ohrid

Ancient Theatre of Ohrid, Ohrid (must see)

The Ancient Theatre of Ohrid is a remarkable Hellenistic-period relic, dating back to 200 BC. It holds the distinction of being the only theater of its type in the country, contrasting with the Roman-era theaters found in Scupi, Stobi, and Heraklea Lynkestis. Originally designed to host a considerable audience, only the lower section of the theater survives today, making it difficult to ascertain its full capacity.

Strategically nestled between two hills, the theater's location is ideal, providing natural wind protection which enhances its acoustics, a feature crucial for the live performances it was built to host. During the Roman era, the theater’s purpose expanded to include gladiator fights and it also served as a venue for executing Christians, which led to its growing unpopularity among the local populace. This disfavor ultimately resulted in the theater being buried by the locals following the fall of the Roman Empire, an act which inadvertently preserved much of its structure.

The theater remained hidden until the 1980s when it was accidentally uncovered during construction activities in the area. Discoveries of large stone blocks engraved with depictions of the Greek god Dionysus and the muses suggested the presence of a significant Greek cultural site, leading to its excavation.

Revived in the late 1980s, the Ancient Theatre of Ohrid has been reintegrated into cultural life, hosting a variety of public performances including plays, concerts, operas, and ballet. It has also become a prestigious venue within the Ohrid Summer Festival, attracting international performances from renowned groups and artists like the Bolshoi and José Carreras. This historical site not only serves as a testament to the architectural and cultural achievements of ancient times but also as a vibrant center of contemporary cultural expression.

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Sight Name: Ancient Theatre of Ohrid
Sight Location: Ohrid, Macedonia (See walking tours in Ohrid)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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Ohrid Introduction Walking Tour

Ohrid was called "Lychnidos", meaning "City of Light." By the late 9th century, the town was referred to as "Ohrid." This is Slavic, meaning "on a hill." With its 365 churches, it was known as "Jerusalem of the Balkans."

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