Giovanni Verga House Museum, Catania

Giovanni Verga House Museum, Catania

Giovanni Verga died in 1922 in the house where he was born. He had inherited the house from his mother and it stayed in the family until 1991. It had been a national monument since 1940. In 1991 it came under management by the regional government.

Giovanni Verga had become a world famous writer of short stories and novels. One of his most famous works was Cavallieria Rusticana. It was staged by Eleanora Duse in 1884. In 1890 the opera Cavalleria Rusticana premiered with a libretto by G. Targioni-Tozzetti and music by Pietro Mascagni.

There is an obscure road in the heart of Catania. It connects to Vittorio Emanuele Street and Garibaldi Street. On this road is the Verga family home and museum. After the main entrance is a staircase leading to the writer's apartment. At the entrance one is greeted by a guide who will accompany the visitor in a tour of the house.

First stop is the sitting room, furnished with display cases containing copies of some of the author's manuscripts. In one corner of the room is a bust of Giovanni by the sculptor Bruno. A wooden case holds the death mask of Giovanni's father, Giovan Battista Verga Catalano.

The really important room is the library. There is a table holding personal items. Along the walls are bookcases holding more than 2,500 books, some by Giovanni and many writings by Italian and western authors.

The other rooms are furnished soberly and tastefully. The last room is a small dining room which opens out to the main entrance. The dining room has a dumbwaiter installed. It reaches to the kitchen above. Sorry, no eating there.

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Giovanni Verga House Museum on Map

Sight Name: Giovanni Verga House Museum
Sight Location: Catania, Italy (See walking tours in Catania)
Sight Type: Museum/Gallery
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