Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (Church of Our Lady of Oliveira), Guimaraes

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (Church of Our Lady of Oliveira), Guimaraes

The Church of Our Lady of Oliveira holds a storied history dating back to the establishment of the city by Countess Mumadona Dias. Founded in the 10th century, the initial monastery, dedicated to the Savior of the World, the Virgin Mary, and the Holy Apostles, evolved into a collegiate body in the 12th century.

To safeguard the monastery, an early fortification predating the present Guimaraes Castle was erected. The original construction, presumed to bear typical Benedictine iconography depicting themes of Good and Evil, has left scant remnants. However, a Romanesque capital from the latter half of the 12th century, originally part of the church's main portal, is preserved and housed in the Alberto Sampaio Museum.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Church of Our Lady of Oliveira gained prominence as a significant religious center on the Iberian Peninsula. Pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela contributed to its popularity, making it a revered destination. However, with the establishment of the republic in 1911, the collegiate body was dissolved.

The church has undergone several reconstructions over the centuries, resulting in a blend of architectural styles from different eras. The most recent intervention in 1967 sought to restore much of the Gothic influence that still characterizes the church today. This effort followed a neoclassical renovation in 1830.

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Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (Church of Our Lady of Oliveira) on Map

Sight Name: Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (Church of Our Lady of Oliveira)
Sight Location: Guimaraes, Portugal (See walking tours in Guimaraes)
Sight Type: Religious
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