Largo Republica do Brasil (Republic of Brazil Square), Guimaraes

Largo Republica do Brasil (Republic of Brazil Square), Guimaraes

Historically, Republic of Brazil Square, commonly known as the Market Square, served as a bustling market ground, hosting a large market every Saturday. This market was considered one of the kingdom's most significant weekly events, offering a diverse array of goods, including poultry, cereals, fruits, crockery, glassware, fabrics (wool, silk, linen, cotton), and ironworks. Livestock exhibitions and sales also took place, making the Market Square a hub of commercial activity.

During the mid-19th century, the Market Square became a pivotal location for commerce, and in 1854, it was officially designated as the permanent venue for the Pig Fair and the Cattle Fair. Over time, the square evolved, and in the late 20th century, a beautiful garden with a fountain and rotunda was inaugurated at its northern end. This garden features a central display of vibrant flowers and shrubs, creating a picturesque setting that changes with the seasons.

At the northern edge of the garden stands a fountain within the rotunda, offering a refreshing and visually appealing focal point. The garden extends southward to the church, showcasing a dynamic array of seasonal flowers. The panoramic view from the square includes the Penha Mountain, and nearby, visitors can find the Cable Car, providing access to the mountain's summit for a panoramic perspective of the surroundings.

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Largo Republica do Brasil (Republic of Brazil Square) on Map

Sight Name: Largo Republica do Brasil (Republic of Brazil Square)
Sight Location: Guimaraes, Portugal (See walking tours in Guimaraes)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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