Marktplatz (Market Square), Aachen

Marktplatz (Market Square), Aachen (must see)

Marktplatz is one of the primary city squares in Aachen. It's located right in front of Town Hall and is within easy walking distance of all of the major sights in the town.

The square is lined with small shops and cafes. It's a pedestrian-only zone, full of outdoor patio dining options. With many bars and eating choices, it's the perfect meeting place in town for some wine or dinner.

At the center of the square is an iconic fountain often called Market Fountain. It is the city's oldest fountain. Atop it stands a bronze statue of Charlemagne. The statue here is a duplicate since the 16th-century original is now housed in the Centre Charlemagne.

To the north of the square lies a building known as the Karlshof. In its courtyard, you'll find another iconic Aachen fountain--the Karlshof Fountain. This fountain from 1969 depicts the Seven Free Arts from Roman antiquity, one on each of its seven sides. The seven arts were grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the square hosts the town market. The market is popular with visitors and locals alike. You'll find local butchers, flower vendors, and food stalls. Don't miss the local cheeses and baked goods!

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Sight Name: Marktplatz (Market Square)
Sight Location: Aachen, Germany (See walking tours in Aachen)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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