Palazzo Angelo Giovanni Spinola (Angelo Giovanni Spinola Palace), Genoa

Palazzo Angelo Giovanni Spinola (Angelo Giovanni Spinola Palace), Genoa

Palazzo Angelo Giovanni Spinola is yet another palace in Via Garibaldi, one of the original 163 Palazzi dei Rolli of Genoa established in 1576.

The construction of the palace was commissioned in 1558 by Angelo Giovanni Spinola, Ambassador of the Republic of Genoa to Spain, who also served as Toledo banker to Emperor Charles V. The palace was completed in 1576 by his son Giulio; in 1580 he ordered excavation of part of the hill behind the building in order to expand it with a courtyard and garden. The project was designed by architect Giovanni Ponzello.

The building has a monumental character due to its exceptionally high, sizeable rooms, much as to the solemnity of the path leading from the porch to the lodge patio, and further to the upper loggia and salon floor.

The façade of the palace is decorated with frescoes executed by Calvi brothers, possibly together with Lazzaro Tavarone. They depict members of the House of Spinola dressed as Roman condottieri (mercenaries). A staircase decorated by grotesque frescoes leads to the upper floor, decorated with frescoes by Andrea Semino, Bernardo Castello and Lazzaro Tavarone. A fresco attributed to Semino shows the building in its original state, as viewed from a mountain.

The decorative themes are all inspired by the ambitiously grandiose epic Livy character, a Roman historian who authored a monumental history of Rome and the Romans.

In 1919, the palace was sold to the bank Crédit Commercial de France and was converted into office building. In 1926, it was taken over by the Banca d'America e d'Italia. Today it belongs to Deutsche Bank, with limited access to the public.
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Sight Name: Palazzo Angelo Giovanni Spinola (Angelo Giovanni Spinola Palace)
Sight Location: Genoa, Italy (See walking tours in Genoa)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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