Palazzo Biscari (Biscari Palace), Catania

Palazzo Biscari (Biscari Palace), Catania (must see)

After the devastating earthquake of 1693, Ignazio Paterno Castello, 3rd prince of Biscari, felt the need to build his palace. Construction began in 1702. In 1763 the project was completed by the fifth prince of Biscari. The grand opening was marked by extravagant celebrations.

The palace is on the Museo Biscari Street in Catania. Although some members of the family Biscari still reside there, the palace is open to guided tours and cultural events. The facade on the Biscari Palace is in mild disrepair. The visitors entrance is a stone portal. It is adorned with cartouches and the coat of arms of Biscari.

After the the main entrance is a large courtyard with an outdoor entrance staircase. The interior of the palace is Rococo. There are frescoes and decorations in stucco. In the great octagonal ballroom there are mirrors, frescoes and stucco decorations painted by Matteo Desiderato and Sebastian Lo Monaco. A dome balcony can hold an orchestra.

The rooms are large and they have names. The "Fief Room" has large paintings of Biscari feudal fiefdoms. The "Princess Apartment", made for the wife of Ignazio V, is paved with salvaged Roman marble. There is a "Birds Gallery" and a "Don Quixote Room". There is the aforementioned ballroom and a museum for the collections of Ignazio V.

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Sight Name: Palazzo Biscari (Biscari Palace)
Sight Location: Catania, Italy (See walking tours in Catania)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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