Palazzo Spinola Gambaro (Spinola Gambaro Palace), Genoa

Palazzo Spinola Gambaro (Spinola Gambaro Palace), Genoa

The Pantaleo Spinola palace, also known as Palazzo Gambaro, is located at number 2 Via Garibaldi.

It was built by architect Bernardo Spazio (succeeded by Pietro Orsolino towards the end of the project, in 1558) for Pantaleo Spinola, who died in 1536 without ever having lived in this building. After the Spinolas, the property was owned by the Giustiniani and then by the Gambaro family.

Rubens included this palace in his 1622 book “Palazzi di Genova”.

The building's façade, with very simple lines, is animated by the rhythm of the windows, the balcony projection and, above all, by the portal surmounted with two marble statues – of Prudence and Vigilance. The ground floor is richly frescoed with biblical episodes, such as Susanna and the elders, Solomon's judgment, The end of Absalom, all created by Giovanni Bastista Carlone in the early decades of the 17th century. These was some of his last works, still lingering on the late Mannerist style. Also of great value is the glass Deco-style compass, made in 1923.

Upstairs there are 16th-century frescoes by Semino and Calvi brothers. The most famous ones, however, are the late 17th-century cycles of frescoes created by Giovanni Carlone, Domenico Piola from Genoa, and Paolo Brozzi from Emilia – some the best examples of Genoese Baroque. The depicted themes there include mythological scenes, such as the Offering to Jupiter of the keys to the temple of Janus, the episodes of Roman history (e.g. the life of Lucrezia, Coriolanus, and the Rape of the Sabines), Christian reinterpretations of pagan themes, and others.

The building currently serves as the seat of the Banco di Chiavari e della Riviera Ligure.
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Sight Name: Palazzo Spinola Gambaro (Spinola Gambaro Palace)
Sight Location: Genoa, Italy (See walking tours in Genoa)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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