Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu (must see)

Pashupatinath Temple is a pagoda-style temple, dedicated to the god Shiva, one of the main deities of Hinduism. Pashupatinath Temple was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

The exact date of construction is uncertain. There are references to it as early as the year 400. It is also said that the temple was built by the Licchavi king, Prachanda Deva. The current design of the temple dates to about 1692.

Pashupatinath Temple was built in the Nepalese pagoda style. It has a two-level copper roof covered in gold. The main doors are silver, and the pinnacle is gold. The main idol is a three-foot stone obelisk with a silver base. It has faced each direction representing the different aspects of Shiva.

The original temple is the oldest construction in the Vaishnava temple complex. Other temples were built around it, including the 11th-century Guhyeshwari Temple and a 14th-century Rama Temple. However, even surrounded by other temples, Pashupatinath Temple's two stories stand above them as the center and focus of the complex.

Not only is Pashupatinath Temple the oldest in the complex, but it is also the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. It was reconstructed by King Shivadeva in the 2nd century and was later renovated by the ruler Ananta Malla, who added a roof to the structure.

Visitors can attend the daily rituals that take place at Pashupatinath Temple. The rituals are carried out by two groups of priests, who are the only people allowed to perform puja rituals (a worship ritual to offer devotional homage and prayer to one or more deities) or touch the idol.

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Pashupatinath Temple on Map

Sight Name: Pashupatinath Temple
Sight Location: Kathmandu, Nepal (See walking tours in Kathmandu)
Sight Type: Religious
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