Place Seffarine (Seffarine Square), Fes

Place Seffarine (Seffarine Square), Fes

Standing adjacent to the Kairaouine Mosque and dating back to the Middle Ages, Place Seffarine is almost willfully picturesque. Here, one can witness the age-old craft of metalworking as 'dinandiers' skillfully hammer away at immense copper cauldrons, creating a captivating scene against the backdrop of a gnarled old tree. A welcome respite after navigating the streets of the central Medina, the square invites travelers to pause for a refreshing drink and orient themselves before continuing their exploration along various routes.

Gazing toward the Kairaouine Mosque at the square's apex, visitors will catch sight of the University Library, once home to the most extensive collection of Islamic, mathematical, and scholarly books outside of Baghdad. While much of the library's treasures were lost or dispersed during the city's decline in the 17th century, it still preserves some remarkably rare texts and manuscripts, including a 9th-century Koran written on deerskin with gold leaf in an ancient Kufic script.

Also nearby is the Seffarine Madrasa, dating back to around 1270 and recognized as the oldest purpose-built madrasa in Morocco. Distinguished by its architectural resemblance to a traditional Fassi house, this structure features an arched balcony overlooking its courtyard and retains traces of its former grandeur in the lofty prayer hall.

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Sight Name: Place Seffarine (Seffarine Square)
Sight Location: Fes, Morocco (See walking tours in Fes)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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