Propylaeum and Roman Basilica, Trieste

Propylaeum and Roman Basilica, Trieste

The word "propylaeum" is derived from the old Greek word "propylaion," meaning literally "gateway to higher culture." In Ancient Greece and Rome, a propylaeum would usually take the form of a portico supported by columns inside and outside the actual gateway.

In pre-Christian Rome, basilicas were mostly used as public buildings. They served as law courts, financial centers, drill halls, and reception centers. Basilicas usually had apses, a semi-circular shape off the short wall of the building. The law court would be in the apse. The rest of the basilica was an audience hall.

From these forms evolved the early Christian basilicas, often keeping some elements of propylaeum. The ancient Roman buildings of Trieste are concentrated on top of San Giusto Hill. The Catholic Cathedral of Trieste was built in 1320 on the site of a 6th-century Roman Propylaeum. The remains are absorbed in the bell towers of the cathedral.

The old stairway of the propylaeum is still visible. The lapidary garden of archeologist Domenico Rossetti dates from the 19th century. There are epigraphs, monuments, and sculptures of Roman and Medieval times.

Excavations of the early 20th century uncovered bits of the old civil basilica. It had three naves. Close to the basilica is what remains of the Forum of Roman Trieste.

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Propylaeum and Roman Basilica on Map

Sight Name: Propylaeum and Roman Basilica
Sight Location: Trieste, Italy (See walking tours in Trieste)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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