Red Fort, Delhi

Red Fort, Delhi (must see)

The historic Red Fort in Delhi was once home to the Mughal emperors of India. It was commissioned by Shah Jahan in 1638 when the capital moved to Delhi from Agra. It is so named due to the red sandstone walls that surround the structures.

The Red Fort architect was Ustad Ahmad Lahori, who was also architect of the Taj Mahal. It was designed in Indo-Islamic architectural style, but many of the buildings have Mughal influences that combine Hindu, Persian and Timurid styles.

The fort has suffered from theft and destruction over the years. For example, the Diwan-i-Khas once had a ceiling made from silver, but it was removed and melted in 1760. Most of the marble structures in the fort were destroyed during the Revolt of 1857.

Red Fort once held a large amount of jewels and artwork. Nearly all of these valuables were stolen and now belong to private collectors or reside in British museums.

Despite all of the plundering and warfare that has taken place over the years, the defensive walls have remained mostly intact. The Red Fort Complex has now been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As it is the largest monument in Delhi, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The structures still standing at Red Fort are Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate, Chhatta Chowk, Naubat Khana and a number of halls, homes and apartments. There is also a bath house, a step-well, a reservoir and the Pearl Mosque.

There is a light and sound show displayed each evening that describes Mughal history. The show takes place at 6 PM and is in both English and Hindi.

Why You Should Visit:
- To see Delhi's largest monument
- To explore a historic fort that still has many building intact

Red Fort is open from sunrise to sunset. The entry fee is 950 rupees (approximately $13 USD), though this amount may fluctuate. There is an additional, nominal fee for the light show. Red Fort is closed on Mondays.

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Sight Name: Red Fort
Sight Location: Delhi, India (See walking tours in Delhi)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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