Roman Walls of Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Roman Walls of Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Zaragoza, a city with a rich historical tapestry, holds within its streets the remnants of its ancient past. One of the most compelling vestiges of this history is the Roman Wall, which once encircled the town when it was known as the Roman colony of Caesaraugusta. Although only fragments of this mighty wall remain, they offer a tangible glimpse into the city's Roman heritage.

The story of this remarkable wall begins with the founding of the city by the Romans in the 14th century B.C. Known as Caesaraugusta, it would eventually evolve into the Zaragoza we know today. However, the construction of the city walls didn't commence until the 3rd century, and these fortifications were impressive, stretching over 9,800 feet (3,000 meters) and incorporating 120 defense towers. Over the years, as various civilizations came and went, the wall served as a steadfast protector against external threats, from Visigoths to Muslims. It was a symbol of the city's enduring strength.

Most of the original Roman wall was lost to history during the 15th century, as Zaragoza expanded beyond its ancient boundaries. Nevertheless, a tangible piece of the past still stands tall on Avenida de César Augusto. This section of the wall, stretching 260 feet (80 meters), showcases the original Roman craftsmanship. It was constructed with robust mortar filler, along with alabaster and chalk slabs on the exterior. The original walls stood as high as 33 feet (10 meters) and were as wide as 23 feet (7 meters) in some sections, a testament to the skill of ancient builders.

As you explore this relic of the past, you'll encounter a bronze statue of Emperor Augustus, gifted to Zaragoza by the Italian government in 1940. This bronze replica is based on an original statue found in the Vatican. On the statue's breastplate, you'll discover symbols representing the various places that Augustus conquered. Study the alabaster frontispieces to trace the four different names by which Zaragoza has been known over the centuries.

Your journey through the Roman Wall culminates at the Torreon de la Zuda, a tower that once formed part of the city's medieval fortifications. This tower was built on top of the original Roman walls in the 10th century and is all that remains of a magnificent Moorish Palace. Inside, an exhibition featuring old photographs and paintings awaits, along with a viewing platform offering panoramic vistas of the city below.

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Sight Name: Roman Walls of Zaragoza
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