Rosengarten (Rose Garden), Bern

Rosengarten (Rose Garden), Bern (must see)

Any lover of the great outdoors should not miss Rosengarten, Bern's beautiful Rose Garden. It is worth a trip to the Swiss city just to see the more than 400 varities of roses and irises that populate the park.

In additional to roses, there are over 20 varieties of rhododendrons. There is also a water lily pond, Japanese cherry trees and 12 linden trees.

In addition to the flora, the park has space for lounging, walking or simply enjoying the city. Visitors can sit on park benches, read at the pavilion and attached library, explore the playground or even build a sandcastle. Rosengarten offers excellent views of Bern, which makes it the perfect spot for photographers.

Tourists can also stop to eat at the Rosengarten restaurant or have a picnic lunch within the garden itself while spying the banks of the Aare or admiring one of the park's statues. A recent tribute to Albert Einstein is one such statue that is often appreciated by visitors.

This park was turned into a recreational public space in 1913. Prior to that, it served as a cemetery from 1765 to 1877.

Why You Should Visit
To get some of the best views of Bern
To give children a safe and open place to run and play

Visitors can Rosengarten any time of the year. While the roses bloom in the summer months, changing fall leaves and spring cherry blossoms are beautiful sights. Even the winter offers views that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Bern.

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Sight Name: Rosengarten (Rose Garden)
Sight Location: Bern, Switzerland (See walking tours in Bern)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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