Sahat Kula (Clock Tower), Podgorica

Sahat Kula (Clock Tower), Podgorica (must see)

The Clock Tower of Podgorica stands tall and proud at the heart of Bećir Beg Osmanagić square, within the charming Old Town. As one of the few surviving Ottoman landmarks in the city, it bears witness to the rich history and enduring resilience of Podgorica, having withstood the devastation of World War II.

Constructed in 1667 by Adži-paša Osmanagić, a prominent figure in Podgorica, the Clock Tower holds more than just time within its walls; it carries stories of generations past. According to local legend, the clock itself was brought all the way from Italy, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to this historical timepiece.

For many years, the Clock Tower served as the sole public clock in the city. As time went on, around 1890, a significant addition was made to the tower – a metal cross, meticulously crafted by Stevan Radović. This cross became a symbolic fusion of cultures, standing atop the Ottoman structure, a testament to the diverse heritage that shaped Podgorica.

Today, the Clock Tower stands as an essential cultural monument of Montenegro, protected by law. In January 2012, the Clock Tower underwent renovation, a careful restoration that aimed to preserve its historical significance while ensuring its continued functionality. During this renovation, the original clock mechanism was replaced by a new digital one, allowing the timeless structure to keep ticking for generations to come.

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Sight Name: Sahat Kula (Clock Tower)
Sight Location: Podgorica, Montenegro (See walking tours in Podgorica)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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