Sint-Eusebiuskerk (Saint Eusebius' Church), Arnhem

Sint-Eusebiuskerk (Saint Eusebius' Church), Arnhem (must see)

Saint Eusebius' Church stands as the tallest and largest building in Arnhem. Reaching a height of 93 meters, this majestic structure dominates the city skyline. Named after Saint Eusebius, a 4th-century Bishop of Vercelli, the church is a significant landmark and a beacon of Arnhem's historical and architectural heritage. Its towering presence and historical importance make it a focal point for both locals and tourists alike.

A notable feature of Saint Eusebius' Church is the elevator installed in 1994, which offers visitors a unique experience. This modern addition allows visitors to ascend to the top of the spire, providing panoramic views of Arnhem from the city's highest vantage point.

Beneath the grandeur of the main church, the crypt offers a starkly contrasting experience. The dimly lit crypt invites visitors to explore its cavernous depths, where a number of areas resemble old gaol cells or exhumed shallow graves. This eerie and somber part of the church allows visitors to encounter ancient human bones, left in their original state. The crypt provides a poignant reminder of the church’s long history and the many lives that have passed through its walls, offering a deeply reflective and somewhat haunting journey through time.

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Sint-Eusebiuskerk (Saint Eusebius' Church) on Map

Sight Name: Sint-Eusebiuskerk (Saint Eusebius' Church)
Sight Location: Arnhem, Netherlands (See walking tours in Arnhem)
Sight Type: Religious
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