The Ivi Triangle, Suva

The Ivi Triangle, Suva

The Ivi Triangle, with its park benches, has been a traditional meeting point. This triangular space has not only provided a tranquil spot for locals and visitors to take a break but also serves as a site with historical significance.

The focal point of the Ivi Triangle is the majestic ivi tree, also known as the Tahitian nut tree, under which a small plaque has been placed. While this monument seeks to commemorate Fiji's historical milestones, it's important to note that some of the information on the plaque is misleading.

The plaque mentions the arrival of early Wesleyan missionaries in 1835, which, in reality, occurred on the 12th of October, not the 14th as inscribed.

Additionally, the public land auction of 1880, noted on the monument, actually took place under a different Ivi tree near the Nubukalou creek, approximately 250 meters east of the triangle. Contrary to the plaque, Suva was not proclaimed the capital in 1882; European settlers declared Suva the capital in 1877, with the official move taking place in 1882 (or possibly 1881). However, the accurate historical fact on the plaque is the ceding of Fiji to Britain on the 10th of October, 1874.

The Ivi trees scattered across Suva serve as remnants of the original shoreline and act as markers for the earlier colonial settlement. Despite the discrepancies in historical information, the monument at the Ivi Triangle stands as a symbol attempting to memorialize key moments in Fiji's history, complemented by one of the city's few remaining Ivi trees.

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Sight Name: The Ivi Triangle
Sight Location: Suva, Fiji (See walking tours in Suva)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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