Monsieur BMX Half -Bike Street Art, Montpellier

Monsieur BMX Half -Bike Street Art, Montpellier

Monsieur BMX has placed half-bikes throughout Montpellier. These bikes are stuck on walls throughout the city, making for a scavenger hunt-esque experience while finding each of the bikes.

Tourists will find one of these pieces on Rue du Clos Rene on the Hotel de la Metropole. Another is at the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole on Rue Leon Blum. A third can be found at the corner of Avenue Saint-André de Novigens and Avenue de Saint-Maur.

Visitors to Montpellier should keep their eyes peeled for the half bikes. They pop up when they are least expected. Monsieur BMX has also begun placing shopping carts as art installations around cities in order to encourage people to leave items for those in need.

The artist known as Monsieur BMX started his half bike artwork in Montpellier and has since expanded to Paris, Brussels and New York. Enjoy seeing the inspiration for the world-wide art installations on your trip of Montpellier.

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Monsieur BMX Half -Bike Street Art on Map

Sight Name: Monsieur BMX Half -Bike Street Art
Sight Location: Montpellier, France (See walking tours in Montpellier)
Sight Type: Statue/Public Art
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