Saint Peter's Church, Riga

Saint Peter's Church, Riga (must see)

You can trace the history of this beautiful church back to 1209. Having such a long story to tell, it's not surprising that the tales are traced to the building styles of various periods. The church has Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque elements.

Little remains of the original Gothic construction. Only the central section of the church, including the outer nave walls and a few pillars, remain from those early years.

The second construction period was overseen by master builder Johannes Rumeschottel from Germany. This was in 1409, but work was interrupted by wars and the plague. Nevertheless, by the late 15th century, the church had a mighty basilica with three aisles and vaulted ceilings. It also sported a new bell tower, 136 meters (446 feet) tall, with a steeple.

The final construction period occurred in the late 1600s when the western facade and new bell tower were built after a devastating fire in the city. Many of the furnishings and the vaulted ceiling were refurbished as well. When finished, the new tower and steeple was the tallest wooden structure in Europe.

The church was reconstructed after artillery fire destroyed it during World War II. The bronze candelabrum--a standing lantern--was taken from the church to Wloclawek, Poland. It was displayed there until 2012 when it was returned to Riga.

The steeple was completed in 1970, and the clock tower in the early 1970s. The rooster atop the steeple weighs 158 kilograms and includes 140 grams of gold plating. The bell plays the Latvian folk melody "Riga Resounds" five times a day, and the bell chimes hourly. There is an elevator that takes guests up the tower, where you can take in the view of Riga from a height of 72 meters (236 feet).

Today, the church is owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. Services resumed here in 1991. In addition to the view from the tower's top, strolling through the art collection and seeing the beautiful nave are must-dos in Riga.

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Sight Name: Saint Peter's Church
Sight Location: Riga, Latvia (See walking tours in Riga)
Sight Type: Religious
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