The Settlement Exhibition, Reykjavik

The Settlement Exhibition, Reykjavik (must see)

The Settlement Exhibition Reykjavík 871±2 is a showcase dedicated to the early history of Reykjavík, curated by the Reykjavik City Museum. This exhibition draws its content from the results of archaeological excavations conducted on the remains of one of the earliest houses in Iceland, along with discoveries from other dig sites within the city center.

The main focus of this exhibit revolves around the remnants of a hall from the Settlement Age, unearthed during excavations in 2001. This hall was inhabited from approximately 930 to 1000 AD. Adjacent to the hall, there are two pieces of turf that are remnants of a wall constructed prior to the year 871±2, hence the exhibition's name. This precise dating is made possible by analyzing the fallout of volcanic ash from a significant eruption in the Torfajökull area, which left its mark across the region. Researchers can accurately date this event by studying glacial ice in Greenland. Notably, this hall ranks among the oldest human-made structures discovered in Iceland. The exhibit also showcases artifacts from the Viking Age that were uncovered in central Reykjavík and on the island of Viðey.

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Sight Name: The Settlement Exhibition
Sight Location: Reykjavik, Iceland (See walking tours in Reykjavik)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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