Town Hall Square, Riga

Town Hall Square, Riga (must see)

This cobblestone town square marks the center of Old Riga. It's surrounded by beautiful architecture, including the House of the Black Heads and Riga City Hall.

In the center of the Square stands a statue of Roland. He was Charlemagne's nephew and a Frankish military leader. His reputation for stringent but just governance has led to him becoming a symbol of justice in Northern Germany. The statue has stood next to the town's well since 1897.

However, the Square's biggest claim to fame is that it was the site of the first lit and decorated Christmas tree in 1510. There is a plank marking the location, and, of course, a tree is decorated here every year during the holidays.

Bombs leveled Town Hall Square and its surrounding buildings during World War II. Everything you see today was rebuilt in the years following the war. The House of the Black Heads was reopened in 1999, and the Town Hall Building in 2003.

The Square is a great place to begin your explorations of Riga--the narrow cobblestone streets wind through some of the most beautiful architecture you'll find. The scene is especially stunning at night when the buildings are lit for maximum effect.

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Town Hall Square on Map

Sight Name: Town Hall Square
Sight Location: Riga, Latvia (See walking tours in Riga)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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Create Your Own Walk in Riga

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Riga Old Town Walking Tour

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Historical Churches and Cathedrals

Historical Churches and Cathedrals

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