Sweet Shops of Milan

Sweet Shops of Milan

This guide will undoubtably make your trip to Milan a sweet one. Most locations are in the city centre, whilst others are set in older headquarters, that boast incredible landmarks and hidden beauties. Milan is habitually associated to fashion and business but has some exquisite examples of art history and architecture along with an important tradition in the making of sweet gourmandise. This city has always been very cosmopolitan and a great hub for all regional delicacies, it would be proper to define Milan as the Italian New York City. If you are therefore looking for Milanese, Sicilian or Tuscan regional sweets, be sure that thanks to this guide you won’t have to leave the city of Milan to find them.
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1. Sweet Sweet Way

Sweet Sweet Way
Welcome to Candyland! This tiny spot fits perfectly the image of Hansel and Gretel’s house. You’ll find huge lollipops, marshmallows, candy necklaces and bracelets, chocolate coins and cigarettes and so much more. It’s a delight for the eyes, not to mention the palate. Children will have the time of their life in here!
Where to find it:
Via Torino 20, Milan, Italy

Phone: 02 86460845

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat: 10:00am-07:00pm
Sun: 03:00pm-07:00pm


2. Food Market inside La Rinascente Mall

Food Market inside La Rinascente Mall
If you happen to go shopping in the famous Italian Mall La Rinascente, on the top floor you’ll find a vast choice of refined foods. There’s one area that is entirely dedicated to desserts and sweets for every season. The sophisticated selection will conquer the hearts and stomachs of all kinds of food-shoppers.
Where to find it:
Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy

Working Hours:
Mon-Thu: 09:30am-09:00am
Fri-Sat: 09:30am-10pm
Sun: 10:00am-09:00pm

3. Eat’s inside Excelsior Mall

Eat’s inside Excelsior Mall
The luxury Mall, that has been designed within an old movie theatre, has an entire basement floor dedicated to posh foodies. Indeed the customers that come here have high standards that fully meet their expectations. This gourmet supermarket has the best of everything. The appropriate word play to define the bakery and sweets department is cream of the crop.
Where to find it:
Galleria del Corso 4, 20122 Milan, Italy

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:00am-08:30pm


4. Gaboardi Pogliani

Gaboardi Pogliani
The store is titled after the two founders, who represent an institution in Milan’s tradition of Food&Beverage. The shop has been renovated into a hip drug store with an incredible selection of food-shopping, where the choice of sweets is outstanding. From time to time the store organises some food-tasting-programmes, get ready to pig-out in style.
Where to find it:
Viale Premuda 34, Milan, Italy

Phone: 02 7600 3321

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri: 07:30am-09:00pm
Sat: 08:00am-01:00pm; 03:30pm-09:00pm
Sun: Closed


5. Drogheria Soana

Drogheria Soana
This old drug store has a retro taste to it, that will enchant those travellers who want to avoid the stereotypical shopping centres. The small store was founded in 1947 by the Soana family, and has a wide selection of gourmet products, especially of old fashioned sweets that evoke long-forgotten flavours.
Where to find it:
Corso Magenta 1, Milan, Italy

Phone: 02 86452725

Working Hours:
Mon: 08:30am-01:00pm
Tue-Sat: 08:30am-01:00pm; 03:30pm-07:30pm

6. Drogheria Grossi

Drogheria Grossi
This place could be defined as the landmark of drugstores, since it dates back to 1928 and still holds the enchanting Art-Nouveau decorations. The sweets that can be found here aren’t only Italian, but also embrace other countries, reflecting the original spirit of the shop that imported gourmandise from all over the world, to delight the Milanese’s sweet-tooth ever since the late twenties.
Where to find it:
Corso Magenta 31, Milan, Italy

Phone: 02 86450650

Working Hours:
Mon: 08:30am-01:00pm
Wed-Sat: 03:30pm-07:00pm; 03:30pm-01:00pm

7. The Space inside Movie Theatre Odeon

The Space inside Movie Theatre Odeon
Be not deceived by the fact you’re entering a multiplex, because at the entrance you’ll be catapulted in candy’s wonderland. Enjoy the incredible selection of sweets you may pick from the dispensers, to compose your candy bag, to devour during a screening or a stroll in the city centre.
Where to find it:
Via Santa Radegonda 8, Milan, Italy

Phone: 02 87134231

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11:45am-11:00pm

8. La Casa del Dolce

La Casa del Dolce
Here are sweets and chocolates of all kinds and prices. You’ll have an amusing time seeing how the art of dessert-making can get creative in shapes and arrangements. Take a peep and a taste of toffees, jelly sweets, exotic caramels. Try a chocolate cigar, a cherry lollipop or a chocolate Befana (the traditional Italian old lady who rides on a broomstick during Twelfth Night to bring coal to bad children and sweets to well-behaved kids).
Where to find it:
Viale Col Di Lana 6, Milan, Italy

Phone: 02 89406261

Working Hours:
Mon: 14:30pm-19:30pm
Tue-Sat: 09:00am-19:00pm
Sun: Closed

9. Tiger

This is a Scandinavian company with 248 stores in 19 countries, that has all sorts of gadgets at low-cost prices but very high quality. The food section embraces spices and sweets that come in large packages for extremely low rates. Another branch store is located in via Meravigli, but we suggest you visit this one, so you get the chance to explore the Colonne di San Lorenzo. This is the best-known Roman ruin in Milan, in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, a square with a row of columns which were taken from a temple or public bath house dating from the 2nd century.
Where to find it:
Via Nerino 12, Milan, Italy

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:00am-08:00pm

10. Venchi

Chocoholics will love this place, since it follows the Piedmontese tradition of chocolate making from 1878. This ancient brand boasts several shops all over Italy, this one in particular, located in the heart of the city, is easy to find and has a great variety of chocolate treats; from bonbons, to chocolate bars, from ice-creams to an exquisite hot chocolate that will blow your mind.
Where to find it:
Via Giuseppe Mengoni 1, Milan, Italy

Working Hours:
Mon: 11:30am-07:30pm
Tue-Sat: 10:30am-07:30pm

11. Ronchetti

This vintage store unveils a treasure of sweets, chocolates, selections of teas and coffees from all places in Italy that will satisfy your appetite. It’s alluring to taste the traditional drug store setting, where you may find old sweet brands just as the contemporary ones. An all time classic are the famous chocolate kisses: Baci Perugina.
Where to find it:
Via Carlo Farini 55, Milan, Italy

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat: 09:00am-01:00pm; 03:30pm-07:30pm


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