Musée Alsacien (Alsatian Museum), Strasbourg

Musée Alsacien (Alsatian Museum), Strasbourg (must see)

Alsace is the cultural region identified by a blend of French and German cultures, of which Strasbourg is the largest city. This eastern region of France borders Switzerland and the Rhine region of Germany.

The Alsatian Museum in Strasbourg showcases all aspects that make Alsace a unique region. Daily life from pre-industrial times and rural life are featured prominently. There are over 5,000 exhibits in the museum.

The museum is presented in several Renaissance timber-framed houses. The houses are reconstructions but are appointed well and provide an extraordinary insight into the lives of the medieval city's inhabitants.

Beyond the homes and their furnishings, you'll enjoy displays dedicated to clothing, paintings, and decoration. You'll learn about the religions that locals have practiced, including Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism.

Why You Should Visit:
Strasbourg and Alsace are special places because of the unique blends of multiple cultures and a shared history. The Alsatian Museum is the best place in town to learn about what makes this region notable.

While the museum's collection of artifacts is impressive, the buildings are gorgeous and worth visiting too.


This is an excellent museum for children, with many displays that connect with viewers to share everyday Alsacien life. There are everyday objects that kids will identify with, like toys, kitchen tools, and clothes.

Many people wish they had more time to spend at this museum, so plan a few more minutes than you usually would for a museum of this size. Don't miss the audio guide that is included with admission--it's a great help to understanding the exhibits.

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Musée Alsacien (Alsatian Museum) on Map

Sight Name: Musée Alsacien (Alsatian Museum)
Sight Location: Strasbourg, France (See walking tours in Strasbourg)
Sight Type: Museum/Gallery
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