Where To Stay in Strasbourg, France - Guide of Best Areas and Hotels

Strasbourg is a city with a rich history in its background. The first mentioned settlement in this area dates back to 12 BC. Since, it faced and suffered from many wars, was conquered many times, and has developed under different eras and rulers. The prints left by the city’s agitated history is mostly reflected by its architecture. You’ll see Gothic, Romanesque, German Renaissance, French Baroque, Classicism, Neoclassicism, and other architectural styles, all adding up to a wonderful blend enchanting all its visitors.

Life in Strasbourg ([ˈstræzbəːrɡ], French [stʁaz’buʁ]) is outlined by the refined locals and visitors. Everything here demands you to behave correspondingly. In certain neighbourhoods you won’t see any nightclubs, adding to the elegant and thoughtful atmosphere dominating in this age-old city. Being considered one of the actual capitals of the EU, Strasbourg attracts officials, businessmen and tourists alike. Hence, higher accommodation prices as compared to many other cities. There are plenty of luxury options, and just a few hostels.

Note: If you are visiting Strasbourg by car, make sure you are well informed about the parking situation of the rental you choose. If you have a big car, or you are not that good with parking, be aware that small and tiny parking spaces are a norm for Strasbourg. Besides, few rentals offer on-site parking, and most often these are quite expensive.

Table of Content

Part 1. A quick glance at Strasbourg’s recommended neighbourhoods

Grand Île & La Petite France - great place to stay for families and those willing to soak in at a faster pace everything Strasbourg has to offer

Centre Gare (the Train Station District) - dynamic and humming, it’s the best area to stay in for those who are visiting Strasbourg for just a day or two

Orangerie & Quartier Européen (the European Quarter) - upscale and professional, it is home to many European institutions and a series of high-end hotels

Bourse-Esplanade-Krutenau - mixed and fun, it’s the fancy place to meet a lot of people and to stay in ritzy accommodations on the average and pricey side

Neudorf - chill and fresh, it is an up-and-coming neighbourhood, with many quiet streets and varied rentals on tap, most on the non-expensive side

Part 2. Recommended neighbourhoods and hotels to stay in Strasbourg

Grand Île & La Petite France

Pronounced: [,gʁa:nd’i:l], [lʌ ,pə’tɪt ‘fʁa:ŋs]

- Overview

Grand Île & La Petite France is the most touristy yet serene area of Strasbourg. La Petite France, literally translated as ‘the small France’, is the beloved place for families and those up for some peace and romance. The historical part of the city, Grand Île (‘large island’) hosts most landmarks and is more crowded than its petite neighbour. The half-timbered houses help to maintain the romantic atmosphere. It gets even more crowded and romantic during Advent, when Place Broglie becomes host to the Christmas market, with hot drinks such as mulled wine here and there, a plethora of souvenirs on tap and fairytale-resembling lightening. Architecture and history buffs will enjoy the stay in this area for getting the chance to explore centuries-old settings lining the still breathing veteran cobbled streets. Accommodation wise, here you’ll find plenty of rentals ranging from the cheapest to some of the most expensive in Strasbourg.

- Main Attractions

* Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux Church (must see)
* L'Aubette
* Place Kleber
* Brulee Gallery
* Monument au Général Leclerc
* National Opera du Rhin
* Church Temple Neuf
* Rue des Grandes Arcades
* Place Saint Etienne
* Carrousel de la Place Gutenberg
* Place Gutenberg (must see)
* Rue Merciere (must see)
* Maison Kammerzell
* Place de la Cathedrale (must see)
* Cathedrale Notre-Dame (must see)
* Le Vaisseau (must see)
* Cabinet des Estampes et des Dessins
* Museum de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame (must see)
* Rue du Maroquin
* Place du Marche-aux-Cochons-de-Lait
* Musee Archeologique (must see)
* Palais Rohan (must see)
* Museum of Fine Arts (must see)
* Saint Thomas Church (must see)
* Historical Museum (must see)
* Petite France (must see)
* Saint-Nicolas Church

- Recommended Walks

Grand Île & La Petite France have a lot on offer for everybody. Below, we list just a few of the self-guided walking tours you can use to get to know the best places worth visiting while discovering the city with children or on your own, either day or night:

* City Orientation Walking Tour
* La Petite France Walking Tour
* Museums Walking Tour in Strasbourg
* Churches Walking Tour
* Strasbourg for Kids
* Grande-Île Shopping Walk
* Nightlife Walk

- Pros of Staying Here

- All kinds of rentals on offer
- Most historic attractions are here
- Perfect for a romantic and family stay
- A plethora of restaurants and stores
- Home to the mesmerizing Christmas market
- Most entertaining nightclubs

- Cons of Staying Here

- Touristy area

- Recommended Hotels

Hôtel Régent Petite France & Spa (5*) - a family-friendly hotel offering a central location, nice views, small gym and spa centre, and paid onsite parking
Hôtel & Spa Le Bouclier D'or (4*) - a remarkable hotel hosted in a historical building, with spacious and clean rooms and rich breakfasts: good for a family stay
Pavillon Régent Petite France (4*) - a cozy hotel with elegant rooms, quiet location, good for business travelers or for a romantic getaway
Hôtel Hannong (4*) - a boutique style hotel with compact rooms, central yet quiet location, good for both: families and solo travelers
Hotel Maison Rouge (4*) - an older hotel with its own period character and elegant charm, spacious rooms and good location
ibis Styles Strasbourg Centre Petite France (3*) - a boutique-style hotel offering good location, small rooms and pleasant balconies in some of the rooms

Other hotels worth mentioning: Hôtel Les Haras (4*), BOMA Hotel Nouvelle Generation (4*), Hôtel Du Dragon (4*), Best Western Europe Strasbourg by Happyculture (4*), Hôtel Restaurant Chut, Mercure Strasbourg Centre (4*)

Centre Gare (the Train Station District)

Pronounced: [‘sa:ŋtʁə ga:ʁ]

- Overview

Centre Gare, or Quartier de la Gare, is the hub for main transportation arteries passing Strasbourg. This makes it permanently crowded with short term visitors. If this is your case too, then Centre Gare is the best neighbourhood for you to stay in: eateries serving international cuisine are here aplenty, it is well connected to the entire city and its surroundings, and the main attractions are in a walking distance. The district is always on the move, so you won’t get bored even on a longer stay. Accommodations vary from both price and quality points of view, and you can find all types of rentals except high-end five star hotels. Generally, prices are small and average as per Strasbourg standards.

- Main Attractions

* Train Station
* Saint-Jean Church
* The National School of Administration
* Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (must see)

- Pros of Staying Here

- Plentiful accommodation offer
- Cheaper rentals as compared to other areas of Strasbourg
- Bustling area where you won’t get bored
- Right next to all the main attractions
- Many international eateries all around

- Cons of Staying Here

- Busy and sometimes noisy
- No nightlife

- Recommended Hotels

Hotel Arok (3*) - a new small boutique-style hotel with not too big but spacious and well-appointed rooms, fun shared lounge and paid on-site parking: generally, good value for the money
Best Western Plus Monopole Métropole (4*) - a nice hotel offering clean and comfortable basic rooms, on-site gym and paid parking: suitable for a family stay
Hôtel Graffalgar - a quirky boutique-style hotel featuring unusually designed interiors, small yet well thought-out rooms, good for either - solo travelers or family stay
Hôtel Nid de Cigognes Strasbourg Centre Gare (2*) - an older hotel providing affordable accommodation, simple rooms and proximity to the train station, good for a stopover

Other hotels worth mentioning: Mercure Strasbourg Centre Petite France (3*), Ibis Styles Strasbourg Centre Gare

Orangerie & Quartier Européen (the European Quarter)

Pronounced: [,ɔʁa:ŋ’ʒʁɪ], [,kʌʁtɪ’ɛ ə:’ʁɔpɛæŋ]

- Overview

Home to many European institutions, several diplomatic missions and consulates, this is the neighbourhood where you have a high-end stay. Traffic is lighter than in other neighbourhoods. Many hotels offer free parking, making Orangerie and the European Quarter also a good place to stay in if you are driving. Regardless of the goal of your visit, some of the most pleasant quality time may be spent in the Parc l’Orangerie, where you can flower and bird-watch, stroll, jog, eat out or just relax. All the neighbourhood’s restaurants and cafes are as exquisite as people visiting or staying in this area. Hotels are well aware about the demanding customers and are there to satisfy every need, providing conference and banquet halls, gyms, upscale rooms and suites and, of course, professional service. It is a great neighbourhood to rent in either on a business trip or on a spoiling vacation.

- Main Attractions

* L'Orangerie (must see)
* Palais Des Fetes
* Synagogue de la Paix
* Palais de la Musique et des Congrès
* The European Parliament (must see)
* The European Youth Center
* Arte Headquarters
* Statue of Pierre Pflimlin - The Orangerie Park
* Palace of Europe
* European Court of Human Rights
* European Pharmacopoeia
* Le Pont Kennedy

- Recommended Walks

Follow these self-guided walking tours to easily find some of the most important European institutions, to discover modern and centuries-old architecture or to head straight to the most picturesque spots in the Parc l’Orangerie:

* European Quarter Walking Tour
* Quartier des XV Architecture Walking Tour
* Orangerie Park Walking Tour
* Modern Architecture Walking Tour

- Pros of Staying Here

- Perfect to stay in during business trips
- Upmarket eateries and cafes
- Mostly high-end accommodation
- Wonderful park to spend quality time in
- Many hotels offer on-site parking
- Lighter traffic
- Well-connected to other neighbourhoods

- Cons of Staying Here

- Pricier food and rentals
- No nightlife

- Recommended Hotels

Boutique Hotel Des XV (4*) - a homey yet stylish hotel featuring a whacky carpet design on stairs (no elevator), professional staff, elegant well-appointed rooms, modern facilities, all spotless: great for either families or business travelers
Hotel Royal Lutétia (3*) - a cosy hotel with tidy rooms, comfortable beds, good location, and helpful staff: good value for the money
Qualys-Hotel Strasbourg Centre Des Princes (3*) - a comforting hotel located in a quiet area, offering nicely decorated rooms, relaxing beds, clean facilities and friendly staff

Other hotels worth mentioning: Best Western Plus Hotel Villa D'est (4*), Mercure Strasbourg Palais des Congrès


Pronounced: [buʁs], [,ɛsplʌ’na:d], [,krutə’nɔ:]

- Overview

This is one of the most welcoming and expensive parts of Strasbourg. When in this area, it seems that you’ve traveled to a different era, and its village-like atmosphere will add to that impression. Historical buildings, different architectural styles, remnants of Strasbourg’s last medieval wall altogether form a wonderful mix with the city’s gentrified streets. With eateries aplenty, serving cuisine from all over the world, be sure you won’t starve. You’ll find many fun and avant-garde bars, and even cabarets, but not in the area surrounding the Strasbourg University. Although the neighbourhood is pretty lively day and night, if you’d be willing to dance the night away, you’d most likely have to go to Grand Île. Don’t worry, compact as it is, Bourse-Esplanade-Krutenau has good transport links to other parts of the city. Accommodation-wise, you can find a few rentals in the lower price range (in Strasbourg standards) yet mostly high-end luxury ones. FYI, in this neighbourhood apartments offer you a wider choice than hotels from both price and quality points of view.

- Main Attractions

* Musee Alsacien (must see)
* Place du Corbeau
* Galerie L'Estampe
* Sainte-Madeleine Church
* Saint William's Church
* Theatre Jeune Public

- Recommended Walks

Discover some of the most charming areas of this neighbourhood with the help of this self-guided tour:

* Krutenau Walking Tour

- Pros of Staying Here

- A more authentic neighbourhood
- Varied rentals on offer
- Many eateries serving international cuisine
- Lively area
- Lots of greenery

- Cons of Staying Here

- No nightlife whatsoever

- Recommended Hotels

Cour du Corbeau - MGallery by Sofitel (4*) - a well-located hotel hosted in a 16th-century renovated building featuring classy modern interiors, comfortable beds, a relaxing courtyard and a pleasant bar
Hôtel Diana Dauphine (4*) - a modern corporate-style hotel offering a good location, well equipped rooms, good for solo and business travelers
Chambre d'hôtes La Célestine - a quirky B&B, boasting homemade goodies for breakfast, nice rooms and wonderful hosts: good for family stay

Other hotels worth mentioning: Hotel Beaucour (4*), Hotel Roses (3*)


Pronounced: [,nɔɪ’dɔ:ʁf]

- Overview

A former simple suburb and now an up-and-coming neighbourhood, Neudorf has been through a lot of transformation, especially during the last 20 years. Shopping and dancing centres, cinema and media library are just some of the projects successfully completed supporting the modernization of this part of Strasbourg. A younger neighbourhood itself, it hosts various cultural events and festivals, attracting younger crowds. Although not too rich in greenery, it is close to many green zones to sit back and relax. In Neudorf, you’ll find various eateries and several bars for a snack and some drinks to warm you up. With no nightclubs whatsoever, it is not too far from all the fun. Accommodation wise, you can see here plenty of small rentals and a few bigger hotels, apartments though being a more popular option. Most are averagely priced, but you can still discover a few on the cheaper side.

- Pros of Staying Here

- Averagely priced rentals
- Young developing area
- Many cultural events take place here
- Well connected to other neighbourhoods

- Cons of Staying Here

- A bit remote
- No green zones whatsoever
- No nightlife
- Fewer bars

- Recommended Hotels

Okko Hotels Strasbourg Centre (4*) - a modern hotel with good facilities, comfortable rooms, intimate bathrooms: good for solo and business travelers
Chambre d'Hôtes- Little Indonesia - a pleasant accommodation featuring unique artwork decorations, nice host, peaceful garden and on-site parking

Other hotels worth mentioning: ibis Styles Strasbourg Avenue du Rhin (3*), Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg Centre (3*)

Part 3. Getting from the airport to your hotel

Regardless of its importance, Strasbourg is served by a small international airport, Aéroport de Strasbourg (SXB), located a bit more than 6 miles away from the city. Considering the distance, it is pretty easy to get to the city centre.

Very convenient, the Airport is served by a shuttle train, which will get you very fast to the Central train Station. From the Terminal, just walk via the covered pedestrian bridge towards the Gare d’Entzheim-Aéroport train station. From there you can take the shuttle train to the Gare de Strasbourg. To get to any of the recommended neighbourhoods, it would be convenient to get the “TER+CTS” ticket. It costs EUR 4.30 (~ USD 5.10), is valid during 90 minutes since first use, and can get you pretty much anywhere, as it can be used on buses and trams. If Central Gare is the district where you’re staying during your visit, you can just buy a train ticket from the blue ticket vending machine. The ride will cost you EUR 2.60 (~ USD 3.10).

A taxi ride from the Airport to Strasbourg city centre will cost you up to EUR 30 (~ USD 35), and will take 15-20 minutes. However, do not forget that usually traffic is heavy in Strasbourg, so depending on your final destination around the city, the journey may get quite long.

In the Arrivals hall, ground floor, you can find several car rental companies. Indeed, the price will depend on the type of car and other conditions. Note, that traffic in Strasbourg can get heavy, and parking is expensive and oftentimes difficult. We’d recommend you to rent a car only if you are planning to explore areas outside the city, when staying in the European Quarter, or if having a car for your visit is a must.

Part 4. A Few Tips to Choose the Right Neighbourhood for You

If you still need a few quick tips on where to stay in in Strasbourg, here you are.

The best neighbourhood to stay in in Strasbourg when visiting with a family is Grand Île & La Petite France. If you are looking forward to a romantic stay, choose Grand Île & La Petite France or Bourse-Esplanade-Krutenau.

If your visit is short, better stay in Grand Île & La Petite France or Centre Gare. The Train Station district is also good for longer stays, and so is Neudorf.

If you are visiting Strasbourg on a business trip, the best area for you would be Orangerie & The European Quarter.

History and architecture buffs will have a lot to explore in Grand Île & La Petite France and Bourse-Esplanade-Krutenau.

For a more upscale experience, choose between Bourse-Esplanade-Krutenau and Orangerie & The European Quarter. If cheaper rentals is what you are looking for, you’ll find them in Neudorf and Centre Gare.

Foodies will be most pleased in Bourse-Esplanade-Krutenau and Grand Île & La Petite France neighbourhoods. For the hottest shopping and nightlife choose a rental in Grand Île & La Petite France.