Piazza Maggiore (Main Square), Bologna

Piazza Maggiore (Main Square), Bologna (must see)

Piazza Maggiore is an ancient square that serves as the heart of old Bologna. Its origins date back to 1200 AD when the Municipality sought to bring city activities together in one spot. The square was expanded in the 14th century, and many grand buildings were added in the 16th century. This grand square is one of the oldest in Italy.

Today, many landmarks surround Piazza Maggiore. Visitors will find the impressive Basilica of San Petronio, the Notary Palace, the Accursio Palace and the Clock Tower, the Podesta Palace, and the Bianchi Palace. In the center of the square, visitors will also find the magnificent Fountain of Neptune.

The square features a raised area referred to as Crescentone, as it resembles a Crescenta style bread. During the Allied operation that freed Bologna in 1945, Allied tanks damaged the Crescentone. The Bolognese left the damage to commemorate this historic day.

In July and August, the Under the Stars Cinema film festival is held in the square. Over 3,000 chairs are placed on the Crescentone and the square turns into one of Italy's largest outdoor cinemas.

In addition to the large concentration of gorgeous and historic buildings, Piazza Maggiore has many cafes and restaurants. Dine outdoors and watch the activity in the busy square.

Why You Should Visit:
The historic square is home to beautiful architecture, historic buildings and is the cultural heart of Bologna. The main streets of Bologna radiate from Piazza Maggiore.

The main tourist office is located in the square and is a great resource for visitors.

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Sight Name: Piazza Maggiore (Main Square)
Sight Location: Bologna, Italy (See walking tours in Bologna)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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