Souks of Tunis, Tunis

Souks of Tunis, Tunis (must see)

The Souks of Tunis are a series of markets located in the old city. There are many souks with their own unique specialties. The majority of these souks were built in the 13th century close to the Al-Zaytuna Mosque.

Souk El Berka was built in 1612 by Yusuf Dey. It is noted for being the old souk of black slaves in the city. A platform stood in the midst of the souk where slaves were bid on. Slavery was outlawed in the country in 1846 and the souk began selling jewelry instead of slaves.

Souk Ech-Chaouachine consists of three souks. They were built by Mohammed Bey El Mouradi in 1692. Souk Ech-Chaouachine specializes in skull caps using the Andalusian style of creating these chachias, the traditional Tunisian hat.

Souk El Attarine historically sold fragrances and perfumes. Today it continues to sell fragrances along with henna, baskets, beauty products and some jewelry. Souk El Bay sells precious metals. Souk El Blat historically sold medicinal plants but that practice has mostly stopped. Today, Souk El Blat primarily sells clothing. Textiles can also be purchased at Souk El Kebabgia and Souk El Kmach.

Souk Es Sabbaghine is the furthest away from the mosque because it was historically the souk of dying textiles. This is thought to be an unclean activity, which necessitated its distance from the mosque. It is now among the souks that sell clothing and accessories. Visitors will also find some fish and meat at this souk.

There are many other souks that are exciting and interesting to explore for tourists who love to shop and mingle with locals.

Operation hours: Monday-Sunday: 8:00-19:00

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Sight Name: Souks of Tunis
Sight Location: Tunis, Tunisia (See walking tours in Tunis)
Sight Type: Shopping
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