That Dam (Black Stupa), Vientiane

That Dam (Black Stupa), Vientiane (must see)

The Black Stupa holds a prominent place in local folklore, with legends that have captivated the imaginations of residents for generations. According to one such myth, That Dam was once adorned with a layer of gold, which was allegedly plundered during the Siam invasion. Despite the loss of its golden exterior, the stupa's mystique and historical significance endure to this day.

The Black Stupa is steeped in symbolism and spirituality, serving as a tangible link to Laos' rich cultural heritage. In addition to its mythical associations, the stupa is also believed to have been safeguarded by seven mythical Naga creatures, mythical serpent-like beings, who reputedly defended it against the invading Siamese armies. Despite the passage of time and the gradual encroachment of nature, the stupa's imposing presence and enigmatic aura continue to command attention.

Today, Black Stupa stands as a testament to Laos' enduring resilience and the passage of time. The stupa's weathered facade, adorned with moss and overgrown with weeds, lends it a sense of ancient grandeur and mystique. Despite its crumbling state, efforts to restore or repair the stupa are said to be met with superstition and caution, as local lore warns of misfortune befalling those who attempt to alter its ruinous appearance. As a result, That Dam remains an evocative symbol of Laos' rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance, drawing visitors from far and wide to marvel at its enigmatic beauty.

Why You Should Visit:
Black, simple and pure lines, damaged by the time but still beautiful.

The House of Fruit Shakes next door is great or you can check out Pho Zap further down the road on a left turn, who are selling top-notch noodle soup in gigantic bowls.

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Sight Name: That Dam (Black Stupa)
Sight Location: Vientiane, Laos (See walking tours in Vientiane)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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