Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar, Cairo

Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar, Cairo (must see)

The Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar popularly called the Khan is one of the oldest markets in Egypt. This open-air market retains the medieval ambience of a traditional Arab market till today.

The Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar was established as a large caravanserai by Emir Jaharks al Khalili in 1382 during the reign of the Burji Mamluk Sultan, Barkuk. It was rebuilt many times after its establishment. It was called the Turkish Bazaar under the rule of the Ottoman Turks. Its popularity among foreign tourists looking for bargains has also made it the target of terrorist attacks.

The Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar has shops selling textiles, spices, traditional arts and crafts, jewelry and perfumes. There are also several street hawkers selling small souvenirs at bargain prices for visitors to take home as mementos. Egyptians prefer shopping at the west of the market where gold and silver objects and jewelry are available. Beyond the gold and silver market are canvas covered shops selling bronze and copper artifacts. There are also many restaurants, hookah bars (called Shisha bars) and coffee houses serving traditional Arabian coffee. The El-Fishawi Café or café of mirrors is a favorite among local artists and writers and is frequented by the Nobel Prize-winning writer Naguib Mahfouz. The bazaar is the setting of his novel, 'Midaq Alley'.

Prepare to have your haggling skills challenged! Entertain only if you wish to buy something specific and never accept the first price.
Don't stray too far off the main shopping street because of pickpockets and other dangers.
Visit in the day as well as the night – completely different vibes!

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Sight Name: Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar
Sight Location: Cairo, Egypt (See walking tours in Cairo)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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