Neues Rathaus (New City Hall), Hanover

Neues Rathaus (New City Hall), Hanover (must see)

The New City Hall, which was inaugurated in 1913 and dedicated by Emperor Wilhelm II, is an impressive architectural masterpiece. During its construction, the city director proudly informed the Emperor that the entire building had been funded with cash, amounting to over ten million marks.

This remarkable edifice resembles a castle and boasts an eclectic architectural style. Situated alongside the Leine River, New City Hall presents a breathtaking sight at night when its lights cast shimmering reflections in the water.

The centerpiece of New City Hall is its towering dome, reaching a height of 97.73 meters (320.6 feet) and offering panoramic views of the Harz mountain range from its observation platform. The dome is equipped with a unique elevator that ascends at a 17-degree angle, covering a distance of 50 meters (160 feet). Originally in operation from 1913 to 2007, this lift was eventually replaced with a new one.

Unfortunately, New City Hall suffered damage during World War II when American forces bombed the city. In 1946, the proclamation of the German state of Niedersachsen was made from within its walls.

Presently, New City Hall serves as the administrative hub for the Lord Mayor's offices and hosts various political committee meetings, as well as official receptions for guests. Additionally, the building hosts a range of exhibitions throughout the year.

Visitors to New City Hall can explore four Hannover city models on the ground floor, each depicting the city's evolution over different historical periods, including the Middle Ages, pre-World War II, post-World War II, and the contemporary era. Furthermore, guests are invited to savor a refined dining experience at the Garden Hall bistro.

Pay a few euros and take the elevator to the dome. With its glass floor, the view up and down is brilliant! Once you emerge from the shaft you have to take several spiral staircases to the very top of the dome. Be prepared to be blown away by the wind and by the incredible views of Hannover itself. Finally, you can have a casual lunch or tea in the beautifully appointed restaurant.

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Sight Name: Neues Rathaus (New City Hall)
Sight Location: Hanover, Germany (See walking tours in Hanover)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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