Nightlife in Zadar

Nightlife in Zadar, Zadar, Croatia (A)

Perhaps thanks to its town centre being focused on the peninsula, Zadar, unlike some other metropolises along the Croatian coast, allows tourists who choose to explore the Old Town on foot to reach many of the establishments also popular with the locals. With most of them situated along the coast, our walk is to guide you to some of the hotspots, while opening splendid views of the sea or allowing glimpses of other sights.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Nightlife in Zadar
Guide Location: Croatia » Zadar
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2.0 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.3 Km or 2.7 Miles
Author: Nora Zothová
Author Bio: My educational background ranges from the arts to economy. I studied a secondary art school with Graphic Design as the major. Following studies included Humanities, Art Therapy. For the past few years, I have been freelance translating and lecturing English as a Foreign Language. Lately, I graduated in Arts Management. I am currently living in Dalmatia. Keen on ancient artefacts, sightseeing, visual arts and architecture. Well acquainted with the Dalmatian folklore and lifestyle.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Hitch
  • Corso
  • Lotus
  • Shine
  • Garden
  • Q Bar
  • Maraschino
  • Zoilo
  • City Club Forum

1) Hitch

The recently refurbished bar Hitch, formerly Medusa, is on the peninsula’s southwestern end, on the site of the city beach Kolovare. The part of the bar that is hung on pilots above the sea serves as a café during the day. In the club, you may expect to find black & white design, dominated by black leather loungers, that reflects the flashlights’ hues when the party gets rolling. Its attractive position on the seaside guarantees a certain popularity with the locals. As one can tell from the ultra-modern design and advertising in the city, the place hopes to draw international visitors as well. Disco parties usually begin Thursday and continue through the weekend, featuring a mix of Croatian and international music. The bar is open 7-5.

2) Corso

If your night-time corso takes you to the peninsula’s southwestern end, you will be able to choose from multiple bars while taking in a breath of the sea. The yellowish, pop-arty Corso seems to be the perfect place to cherish thoughts of the warm, sunny beach, sipping a favourite drink. At summer weekends, there will be DJ parties in the rhythm of dance. The bar is open 7-00. At weekends it stays open longer.

3) Lotus

As is known, in Zadar you will find a kafić, or café, for any group of people and these tend to gather in their favourite ones. Immerse in the narrow streets and discover the simple, alternative Lotus café and bar, yet staying a few steps off from the promenade. In Lotus, you can mingle in the crowd and stay unnoticed. Besides Lotus, you will find a plenty of cafés in the immediate neighbourhood, which is a lively meeting place also during the day. The bar is open 7-1.

4) Shine

The ‘candlelight’ interior has just about enough light to let you shine in the trendy bar in the proximity of the Roman Forum and the Riva, or Promenade. Shine offers a large capacity of seats with a view of the seaside. Its catching design, particularly the sea blue glowing bar, invites for a drink that is out of the ordinary menu. Yet, people there love sitting out, on the white bar chairs that, too, shine in the dark of the street. The bar is open 8-1.

5) Garden

An actual garden on top of Zadar’s Renaissance walls was turned into an open-air bar by two former members of the British reggae band UB40. The white wooden furniture and textiles remind us of English backyard garden design. White fabric covered mattresses and cushions were recently replaced by large khaki pillows you can comfortably sit on also during the day, enjoying the prime location overlooking the port. Alternatively, there are benches and regular tables. Jazz, latin or electronica were made for the Garden. The bar is open 10:30-1:30.
Q Bar

6) Q Bar

A full schedule of different genre nights and a great view of the port, or marina, these are the perks of Q Bar, which is situated at the far, northwestern end of the peninsula. Its spacious interior is suited as dance floor as well. Parties begin generally around 10 PM, the local youth turn up frequently for rock and punk. During the day the place tends to be quiet and its conservatory terrace will provide a shelter from the heat or rain. The bar is open 7-1.

7) Maraschino

Maraschino often stages live bands on a podium that glows into the night amidst the scarcely lit port. The atmosphere may sometimes get intense on these occasions, we are told. Stay out of trouble and enjoy Maraschino’s colourful interior with blinking lights that perfectly go with a cocktail. They play rock&pop, both foreign and Croatian bands. Similarly to others, during the day the place also serves meals. The bar is open 7-6.

8) Zoilo

Across the street from Maraschino, Zoilo represents a tint cosier alternative. Despite its interior featuring Croatian coat of arms on the central bar column, the music is more on the cosmopolitan side. Parties are held on Saturdays and the starboarders, or ‘sponsors’, we are told, are paying rounds of drinks for everyone. The bar is open 7-00.
City Club Forum

9) City Club Forum

The City Club Forum leaves you in no doubt that this is a disco with a dance floor and a set of colourful flash lights, which turn on inevitably at 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Located on a basement level, with a round Colosseum shaped space, the place makes a truly urban impression. The vibes that you are likely going to get are commercial house and r’n’b, both local and international. Live concerts of local popular singers held there enjoy popularity. The bar is open 22-6.

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