Walking Tours in Munich, Germany

Self guided walking tours in Munich, Germany. Follow these 26 expert designed self-guided walking tours to explore Munich on foot at your own pace. How it works: download the iOS app "Munich Map and Walks" on iTunes App Store or the Android app "Munich Map and Walks" on Google Play. Each walk comes with a detailed walking tour map as well as the photos and background information for the included attractions. The app's navigation function will guide you from one attraction to the next. The app works offline so no data plan is needed when traveling abroad.
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Kunstareal Museums & Galleries

Sightseeing Walk: Kunstareal Museums & Galleries

Religious Sights Walking Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Religious Sights Walking Tour

Munich Bars and Pubs

Sightseeing Walk: Munich Bars and Pubs

Shopping Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Shopping Tour

South Alstadt Walking Tour

Sightseeing Walk: South Alstadt Walking Tour

Hofgarten Area Walking Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Hofgarten Area Walking Tour

Altstadt Souvenir Shops

Sightseeing Walk: Altstadt Souvenir Shops

Lehel Attractions Walking Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Lehel Attractions Walking Tour

City Orientation Walk II

Sightseeing Walk: City Orientation Walk II

City Orientation Walk I

Sightseeing Walk: City Orientation Walk I

Maxvorstadt Nightlife

Sightseeing Walk: Maxvorstadt Nightlife

Altstadt Nightlife

Sightseeing Walk: Altstadt Nightlife

City Center Shopping Walk

Discovery Walk: City Center Shopping Walk

Schwabing Shopping Walk

Discovery Walk: Schwabing Shopping Walk

French Quarter Walking Tour

Discovery Walk: French Quarter Walking Tour

Munich's Best Museums

Article (D): Munich's Best Museums

Drink Guide to Munich

Article (B): Drink Guide to Munich

Eats: Munich

Article (B): Eats: Munich