Shopping: Local Specialities

Shopping: Local Specialities, Zadar, Croatia (A)

Zadar has the advantage of being a centre of an immensely fertile and agronomically active region. Similarly to other Dalmatian towns, local produce is offered at numerous marketplaces. To go shopping at these markets, you are advised to plan your trip for earlier in the morning. Enjoy our short excursion spotlighting the markets of the Old Town.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Shopping: Local Specialities
Guide Location: Croatia » Zadar
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 1.0 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.5 Km or 0.9 Miles
Author: Nora Zothová
Author Bio: My educational background ranges from the arts to economy. I studied a secondary art school with Graphic Design as the major. Following studies included Humanities, Art Therapy. For the past few years, I have been freelance translating and lecturing English as a Foreign Language. Lately, I graduated in Arts Management. I am currently living in Dalmatia. Keen on ancient artefacts, sightseeing, visual arts and architecture. Well acquainted with the Dalmatian folklore and lifestyle.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Petar Zoranic and Sime Budinic Squares
  • Suvenirica Nekic
  • Municipal Market
  • Fish Market
  • Broad Street
  • Maraska
  • Studio E
  • Antikvarijat 'Lovro i Lovro'
  • King Petar Kresimir IV Promenade
Petar Zoranic and Sime Budinic Squares

1) Petar Zoranic and Sime Budinic Squares

We begin our tour at one of traditional locations of farmer’s markets in Zadar’s Old Town, the interconnected Petar Zoranić and Šime Budinić Squares. Since 2006, a profound archaeological research has been going on here, which has prevented the locality from its normal functioning. Both squares are to be restored completely by autumn’s end of 2011. From what is known of the municipality’s plans so far, the city wants to support local farmers by the establishment of a municipal co-operative that will purchase the produce, and by locating a building in the Old Town as a municipal marketplace.
Suvenirica Nekic

2) Suvenirica Nekic

The Kotromanić Street hosts a number of interesting shops from the souvenir category. Suvenirica Nekić is a tiny shop window that you shouldn’t miss if you are fond of natural cosmetic products. You will find curative and cosmetic ointments with natural essential oils of lavender, marigold, rosemary, comfrey and camomile among others. Likewise, you will be able to purchase lavender stuffed sachets and pillows in nice gift packaging. The shop also offers a very pleasant set of massage oils which consist of an olive oil base with natural essential oils. The shop, like many others in this street, is only open in the mornings, on weekdays from 8-13, on Saturdays 8-12.
Municipal Market

3) Municipal Market

The place is always busy. Early in the morning, you will hear the local women’s sales calls: ‘Let’s go, cherries...’ Anything of fresh Dalmatian fruits and vegetables, flowers or eggs, can be purchased here. Try the figs, nuts and almonds, olive oil, rakija brandy or some of the home-made cheese specialities. They are all first class. The Municipal Market was relocated from the Green Square, which too was flattened during the prolonged Allies WWII bombing of Zadar. The city had been an Italian enclave still prior the beginning of the war and the Fascists intended to use it for strategic purposes. Traces of the architecture that once stood on this square can be hinted from the crenelated fence of the Pasini Palace on your left. You may also enter from the port through the Saint Roch’s Gate, Vrata sv. Roka.
Fish Market

4) Fish Market

Enter the Zadar Fish Market to find an impressive choice of riba, which is the Croatian word for simply anything that can be caught in the sea. The volume of the market is quite impressive. You can have your fish cleaned at the far-end service window. Why not try to cook the delicious black shells called dagnje! Another Croatian speciality is lignja, the squid, which is used as the key ingredience for the preparation of the black risotto, and you only buy the ‘real’ stuff in the local market. Or, if you do prefer fish, then you can’t go wrong on orada, the gilt-head bream. Such fish will cost you multiply more when served in restaurants. In the vicinity of the market, there are butcher’s shops, all kept very neat.
Broad Street

5) Broad Street

The Broad Street side of Saint Anastasia’s Cathedral is one of the places in the city where you can buy hand crochet work made by the Zadar area women. One can only guess why the symbolism of Saint Anastasia, the patron of mistreated women. Appreciate the beauty of patterns and obtain a rare gift for someone that you care for. Haggling here would certainly be out of place. Besides the crochet handwork, you can also find hand-knitted woolen items, such as socks, even in the summer. By the end of August, I once bought a perfect woolen vest with cute, colourful floral ornaments on creamy white wool. Why not discover your own fashion gems! South-East down the Broad Street, or Široka ulica, you may also find a number of typical souvenir shops.

6) Maraska

The Maraska factory shop is the best place to buy some of the traditional liquors of the region. Maraska Zadar is brand with a longstanding history. Its world-known product, the Maraschino liquor, actually gave name to the “Maraschino cherry”. The tree of cherry marasca was brought from Asia Minor to the Mediterranean at the time of the Roman Empire and the first written mention of it was found in a 1339 document of the State Archive of Zadar. Maraska also sells great non-alcoholic fruit syrups. The shop is open weekdays 8-20 and Saturdays 8-14.
Studio E

7) Studio E

Studio E is a small souvenir shop where you will find solely souvenirs originating within Croatia, a good deal of them being actually local. Some of the local tips are olive oil, wooden donkeys, ceramic-and-wool sheep or carved stone objects from Brač, the island of stone, sun and the sea. The neat, organised arrangement makes it possible for the customer to appreciate the forms of the items and pick what is right for them. In the summer season, the shop is open 9-22.
Antikvarijat 'Lovro i Lovro'

8) Antikvarijat 'Lovro i Lovro'

The ‘Lovro i Lovro’ antique shop is just around the corner from Studio E. Not the largest of its kind in the town, it is a shop off the beaten path and is surely worth exploring for bargains, or items with a history. Next to the costier, older items, gathered in one place you will find the usual antiques dating from the past century. Come and browse through for additions to your collection. The shop is open weekdays 10-20 and Saturdays 9 to 14.
King Petar Kresimir IV Promenade

9) King Petar Kresimir IV Promenade

Speaking about local specialities, you should not miss one of the ‘manifestations’ that take place regularly in the summer. Check out at the tourist centre for the exact schedule of these events, but you won’t go wrong on summer’s Full Moon days, when there are festivals on Zadar’s Riva, or Promenade, if you like. These are truly high-spirited occasions, lit by torches, with boats selling freshly prepared fish, temporary konobe, or bars, selling food and drink specialities and stands offering the best of local farmer’s produce. This can be a great taste of the specialities originating from the flanking islands too.

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