Vancouver/Granville Island

Vancouver/Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada (A)

Granville Island is a jewel in Vancouver’s crown. Situated on False Creek, this location has breathtaking water and city views. Granville Island is an eclectic mix of art and artists ranging from the world renowned to the student. This site includes more than 200 shops and galleries, restaurants, food vendors, maritime operators, as well as theaters, entertainment, industry and, even a university.
Image Courtesy of Susan E. Carr.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Vancouver/Granville Island
Guide Location: Canada » Vancouver
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 15
Tour Duration: 4.0 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.0 Km or 3.1 Miles
Author: Susan Carr
Author Bio: Susan E. Carr is a freelance writer with a Certificate in Tourism who lives in British Columbia Canada. Susan is a member of the Federation of BC Writers and Professional Writers of Canada.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Kids Market
  • Crafthouse
  • Gallery of BC Ceramics
  • Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery
  • Granville Island Hotel/Dockside Restaurant
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design
  • Atelier Per Wendel Madsen Fine Jewellry
  • Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe
  • Net Loft
  • Arts Club Theatre
  • Public Market
  • Tart Boutique
  • Stone Age Art
  • Eagle Spirit Gallery
  • Granville Island Brewery
Kids Market

1) Kids Market

Kids Market is an oasis for kids, both young and old. Kids Market has 28 unique shops, which include specialty toys, arts and crafts, puppetry, adventure, amusement and fun clothing on two floors of a 100 year old building. There is also a party zone, candy corner and a just- for- kids bistro as well as a hair cutting salon offering Princess spa packages. This location has a pond and outdoor eating area, two annex buildings and a train caboose. There is a water park just next door as well as a coffee shop for mom and dad. If you are looking for that perfect toy, gift or costume, Kids Market has it all.

2) Crafthouse

Crafthouse is a social enterprise operated by the Craft Council of BC. Since 1972, this non-profit organization has been working with craft professionals across BC to promote their products that are of high selection standards and quality. Currently there are over 200 participatory members. This shop features the best “juried” fine crafts in categories such as leather, textiles, paper, wood, metal, glass and ceramics. All items are handmade and accompanied by a biography of each artist. Every six weeks there is a new gallery exhibit. Crafthouse accommodates visitors who purchase items in their shop by offering to ship their purchase to destinations around the world or to package purchased items to ensure safe travel.
Gallery of BC Ceramics

3) Gallery of BC Ceramics

Gallery of BC Ceramics are members of the Potters Guild of BC. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering excellence in ceramics. There are over 300 members of the guild and 80 – 100 members have their work on display at a time. The Gallery encourages contributions from all age groups all across the province of British Columbia. The Gallery hosts exhibitions 6 to 7 times a year which include a host of artists from across the province displaying exceptional ultra-creative works. Some displays are a stable at the gallery, such as the coffee mug corner offering an array of one-of-a- kind coffee mugs to suite any taste. Information pieces about each artist are provided.
Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery

4) Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery

Federation of Canadian Artists is an international non-profit membership organization with over 2000 members across Canada, and includes members in the United States and Europe. The Gallery hosts two large international exhibits per year, as well as 16-20 local shows per year. Famous members include well known Canadian artists Robert Bateman and Robert Genn. The goal of the Federation Gallery is “to promote passion and pleasure in the visual arts through exhibition and education”. The Gallery focus is achieved through their dedication to cooperation with world cultures and communities. Should you purchase a piece of art at the Gallery, they will guarantee that it is safely shipped to any destination in the world.
Granville Island Hotel/Dockside Restaurant

5) Granville Island Hotel/Dockside Restaurant

Granville Island Hotel is a spectacular waterfront hotel with an outdoor patio that has been voted “Best Patio in Vancouver”. Situated on False Creek, this hotel has outstanding views, boardwalk promenades and is of a contemporary design featuring deluxe one of kind room accommodations. The Dockside Restaurant has a marine ambiance and features floor to ceiling windows that frame the exquisite water view. The menu features superb fresh fish specialities as well as a variety of choice fresh and organic food items. You can watch the chef prepare your meal from behind the 50 foot exotic fish tank and perhaps enjoy a brew from the award winning in-house brewery.
Emily Carr University of Art and Design

6) Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Internationally renowned artist, Emily Carr, was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1871. Much of Emily Carr’s art was influenced by the cultures of the First Nations peoples of British Columbia as well as her love of the natural beauty and forests of British Columbia. The original school of art and design was founded in 1925 and is one of the oldest post-secondary institutions in the province. The school on Granville Island was granted university status in 2008. The facility is extended across the street to include a gallery showcasing student art work and is free to the public. Emily Carr is a Canadian icon whose dedication to preserving cultural history and beauty on canvas has left a lasting legacy to all Canadians.
Atelier Per Wendel Madsen Fine Jewellry

7) Atelier Per Wendel Madsen Fine Jewellry

Old world charm and dedication to excellence exudes from the studio of Per Wendel Madsen. Granville Island has been fortunate in attracting some of the world’s best artists, and in this case, the art is custom jewellery. Per Madsen is internationally renowned for his fine jewellery making techniques in which he utilizes modern techniques to create neoclassical designs from 18 c gold and platinum. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Per Madsen has worked in London, England and in Switzerland for customers such as the King of Oman. When not working, he has travelled extensively throughout the world. Per Madsen came to Vancouver in 1978 and discovered Granville Island which he states is the most “inspirational and peaceful” place in which to craft his exquisite pieces.
Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe

8) Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe

Tony’s Fish and Oyster Cafe may be a good place to stop for some refreshment, since it is here that you will find not only some of the best fish on Granville Island but Tony’s thinks it is, without a doubt, the “The Best Fish in Town”. A small and quaint interior and efficient smiling staff, not to mention the smell of fresh clam chowder, make Tony’s a great place to experience something else that Vancouver is famous for – fresh fish. The menu includes a variety of items but if you are uncertain and find it hard to make a choice, Tony’s recommends the “seafood platter” which includes cod, halibut and salmon – Vancouver favourites. You simply can’t go wrong. Tony’s also make their very own tartar sauce and fresh coleslaw to accompany their “very best fish” items. Bon Appetite!
Net Loft

9) Net Loft

The Net Loft is a mall hosting a variety of speciality shops offering merchandise that is not readily found elsewhere or in major department store outlets. Keeping with the artistic theme of Granville Island, this is one of a number of places where you will find designer fashion and avante-garde jewellery and accessories. There are shops selling silk garments that may have been hand woven or block-printed. Unique paper and bead shops as well as jewellery and hat shops are also found here. From kitchen outfitting and supplies to unique post cards, stationery and “Made in Canada” books, it is guaranteed that you will find a unique item in the Net Loft.
Arts Club Theatre

10) Arts Club Theatre

The Arts Club Theatre is a not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1958 as a private club for artists, musicians and actors, the company added the current Granville Island Stage site in 1979, and the Revue Stage, which is next door in 1983. The original club helped launch a number of Canadian stage artists such as Michael J. Fox. Now in its 46th season, the Arts Club Theatre offers popular stage productions that range from musicals, comedies, new works and classics. An example of productions that are currently featured on Granville Island are, Don Quixote, It’s a Wonderful Life and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Public Market

11) Public Market

The Public Market is one of Granville Island’s most popular sites, especially with Vancouver residents. The Market offers food of every kind and description. The quality of products available is outstanding. The variety of food and other items is exceptional. If you are not hungry when you reach the Market it is guaranteed that you won’t walk away without trying some delight, delicacy or prepared food item. The Market has a variety of artistic vendors, some that are a mainstay of the market and others that change from day to day. The flower and garden areas are always resplendent with exotic flowers, plants and blooms of every color and description.
Tart Boutique

12) Tart Boutique

Somewhat hidden in its location, Tart Boutique is a must see retail shop. As soon as you walk through the door you will find yourself in an elaborately decorated shop exuding exotic charm which includes a “secret” back room. Shop owner, Edie Ornstein, also the owner of Granville Island’s Edie Hats, hales from a background of artistic talent and it is evident in both of her shops that she has inherited the gifts of creativity with a definite sense of the dramatic. The Tart Boutique carries apparel, shoe and bag collections as well as lingerie and a variety of purely sensual items.
Stone Age Art

13) Stone Age Art

Stone Age Art is the brainchild of Peter and Angie Vickery. Originally from Zimbabwe, the Vickery’s are importers of hand carved stone sculptures made by the Shona people. The art work is representative of 250 sculptors. These magnificent works are made from stone such as black serpentine, cobalt, golden verdite, spring stone, opal stone, wonderstone and butter jade. Each caving has a story to tell and it is the belief of the stone carvers that the rock contains a “spiritual essence”. It is this concept that dictates how the stone will be carved and transformed. The back wall of the shop contains the history of both the shop owners and the individual artists. This exclusive art is valued by collectors with prices ranging from approximately $2500 to $35,000.
Eagle Spirit Gallery

14) Eagle Spirit Gallery

Eagle Spirit Gallery can be described as “breathtaking” and “awe-inspiring”. This is the largest Canadian First Nations Collection of art in Vancouver. Known around the world, Eagle Spirit Gallery has items that range from native paintings, stone carvings, Innuit stone sculptures, totem poles, bentwood boxes and wood carved masks. Some items have found their way into shows and exhibitions around the world which include the Smithsonian Museum and the Museum of Natural History in New York, just to name a few. These pieces are sought after by private collectors globally. Many museum quality items are also part of this outstanding collection. Viewing the art in this gallery is an entrancing and unforgettable experience.
Granville Island Brewery

15) Granville Island Brewery

Granville Island Brewery started brewing its unpasteurized beer on Granville Island in 1984. It is their tradition to name their premium beers, such as “English Bay Pale Ale, after local neighbourhoods. Their microbrewery process includes only the best products using 100% natural ingredients which include Canadian barley, European and Pacific Northwest hops, special yeasts and the best quality maple and honey products. The key ingredient is fresh BC Water. The brewery offers daily tours for visitors interested in viewing their award winning process, and they encourage the taste test by offering three different styles of beer. Events are often held on the premises and the Granville Island Brewery crew are avid sponsors and fundraisers for community events around the city.

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