10 Must Do's in Ouray, Colorado

10 Must Do's in Ouray, Colorado, Ouray, Colorado (B)

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Ouray, Colorado, "The Switzerland of America," is a beautiful mountain town that is not for the faint of heart. Surrounded by the rugged canyons and the San Juan Mountains, visitors can experience a bit of the old Wild West in, and around, town. For a small town, there is much to do and see that can easily take three to four full days to discover all of what Ouray has to offer. Whether you are here for a week, or a day, here are some must-do's in Ouray!

**Note: Many small businesses are suffering during COVID because of a lack of staff. Please call or check their websites to discover business hours.**

One of the most popular things to do in Ouray is to go to the Switzerland of America Look Out Point Sign looted on the Million Dollar Highway - no hiking necessary! The sign is located on the third switchback south of the town and features a stunning view of the valley looking north, which is the view you see in most Ouray advertising. 

Historic Ouray looks just like it did back in the old Wild West Days. The town is lively (and dusty from the unpaved side streets) and full of a variety of places to eat, drink and shop. Some shop hours are misleading as if it's slow, shops close early especially during COVID because of a lack of labor forces.