10 Reasons Why Da Nang is the Most Underrated

10 Reasons Why Da Nang is the Most Underrated, Danang, Vietnam (B)

That’s the response I usually get when I tell people I have moved to Da Nang, the third biggest city in Vietnam. Travelers who spend weeks in Vietnam usually skip right over it, and travel guides sometimes have a short little paragraph about it. Expats moving to Vietnam usually go straight to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, not even giving Da Nang a single thought. Sure, it might not have the historical tourist attractions like Hoi An and Hanoi, or the wild rooftop clubs like Ho Chi Minh City. But you know what I gotta say to all those people? In the words of a New Yorker… Ya’ll are trippin’!

Digging deeper into Da Nang, you’ll find a city of surprises. There are hidden gems concealed in every corner of the city, waiting to be discovered. it’s time Da Nang gets some much-deserved love from the world! Not convinced yet?

Street after street, you’ll find groups of businessmen drinking tra da (iced tea) in open-air tea shops at all hours of the day, teenage girls huddled in trendy cafes drinking mysterious rainbow milk teas, women wearing rice hats selling bananas on the streets, motorbikes zipping by carrying anything and everything imaginable (live chickens hanging by the feet, 10-foot-long bamboo shoots, four toddlers, living room furniture…you dream it, they’ve got it.) The sensory experience is Vietnamese culture in its 100% true form, without being touched by external influences. If you want a true cultural immersion into Vietnamese culture, Da Nang will give you just that. Don’t worry about falling into a tourist trap, because there are (almost) none.  ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: 10 Reasons Why Da Nang is the Most Underrated
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Author: Casie Tennin
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  • Dragon Bridge
  • Minsk
  • Son Trà Mountain
  • Marble Mountain