7 Historical Places to Visit in Bremerton, Washington

7 Historical Places to Visit in Bremerton, Washington, Bremerton, Washington (B)

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Bremerton, Washington is the largest city in the Kitsap Peninsula, and has the largest ferry terminal in the Puget Sound. Many locals travel to Seattle by ferry for work, but alternatively, many travel from Seattle to Bremerton to access Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula. 

If looking for an easy, and scenic, day trip to Bremerton, take the ferry and enjoy all of the historical sites and monuments to really understand the city's blue-collar and naval history. Like many northwest cities that were established in the Victorian era, land became available in 1891 for non-native settlement. Once the territory of the Suquamish people, German immigrant and Seattle entrepreneur William Bremer arranged for the sale of 190 acres to be sold to the navy. This became the footprint to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Bremerton is also home to the Bremerton Annex of Naval Base Kitsap, which today, offers plenty of history to learn and sites to visit.

Get a glimpse into Bremerton's history by visiting the Kitsap County Historical Society and Museum. Two unique museums sit inside an old 1950's Art Deco building and visitors get to experience a variety of hands-on exhibits and artifacts to get a better insight into Bremerton's history and the Squamish Tribe who once resided in this region. The historical society offers special events throughout the year such as the annual Antique Show that offers appraisals. General admission is free!