7 Ways to Explore the Natural Side of Bremerton, WA

7 Ways to Explore the Natural Side of Bremerton, WA, Bremerton, Washington (B)

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Bremerton, Washington is a small city located in Kitsap County, just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Known for it's naval bases and blue-collar vibes, Bremerton finds itself being a day-trip destination from Seattle, with the enjoyment of locals and travelers accessing the city from the ferry. There is so much to explore in Bremerton that this will focus on the more natural side of Bremerton. Enjoy! 

If visiting from Seattle, the best way to explore the natural side of Bremerton is with the ferry. The one-hour ferry is a therapeutic and scenic boat ride to see the Puget Sound and the cities from the waterfront. It is also possible to see eagles hunting nearby the shoreline to keep your eyes peeled to the sky.

Some choose to cross the ferry on their bike, and then explore the natural surroundings by biking everywhere. Whatever you choose, the one-hour ferry is worth the trip, especially at sunset!

Immediately upon exiting the ferry terminal, is an easy and walkable path along the downtown's waterfront. If you ride the ferry without a car, this is a must do. Walkers can spend one to two hours meandering past restaurants, statues and memorials, which is a great way to get to know the history and makings in Bremerton.