Bandipur, Nepal: City Guide and Photography

Bandipur, Nepal: City Guide and Photography, Bandipur, Nepal (B)

Bandipur, Nepal is one of those places you hear about all the time, and you think there is no way it will live up to the hype. Yet, my visit there somehow exceeded my expectations. Walking down the streets of Bandipur is like taking a trip to France or Italy without leaving Nepal. Beautiful architecture lines the quiet streets void of cars. Women make fresh donuts in front of the tea shops. Potted flowers litter the sidewalks while vines of bright orange blossoms climb the telephone poles and hang from the wires above. There’s nothing about Bandipur that hasn’t been well thought out. Did I mention the Himalaya views? But not just any view. A sweeping view towering above the hills nearby. Quite possibly one of the best views you can get short of trekking for days.

Bandipur was a major stop on the trading route from India to Tibet in the 18th century. The area was used by Newars who favored it because of its lack of malaria. As a trading town it became popular for those passing through. When the major highway was built, bypassing the town, Bandipur lost its value. The small city now sits high above the main road and out of the way of travelers. I’m told that the locals began to struggle as no travelers would stop or stay there. Together, the community combined its forces to make the town a beautifully preserved gem set in the hills in order to lure tourists up the steep hill. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Bandipur, Nepal: City Guide and Photography
Guide Location: Nepal » Bandipur
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Author: Michelle Della Giovanna
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  • Samay Baji Restaurant
  • Gaun Ghar
  • Old Inn
  • Pratiksha Restaurant & Sweet House
  • Siddha Cave
  • Thani Mai Temple
  • Bandipur Bazaar
  • Bandipur Samira Homestay
  • Bandipur Kaushi Inn
  • Bandipur Chhen