Exploring Historic Ouray, Colorado

Exploring Historic Ouray, Colorado, Ouray, Colorado (B)

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Ouray, Colorado is not a place for the faint of hearts. It's Wild West roots are still alive today, making it a destination for adventure junkies and thrill seekers. Beyond heart-pumping adventure, Ouray is chocked full of history and still has that bygone Wild West charm. Whatever you touch or look at, has a piece of Ouray history in it or about it. The town is original and unadulterated by corporate America. Established October 2, 1876, when in Ouray be sure to check out some of these amazing historical sites and landmarks. 

It is clear that Ouray is set up like an old Victorian and Wild West town. Most buildings are over 100 years old, but there are still some of the original 1800's structures still standing to this date. Many of these structures have historic plaques and boards that give insight to the location's history. This includes: 

The Beaumont Hotel is one of Ouray's most prized possessions. It was once known as the most pristine hotel around and one of the first hotels wired for alternating current electricity. The exteriors boasts a traditional wild west flare, while the inside features a mix of Victorian, Queen Anne, and French Second Empire design styles.