Geneva and Carogue – Evening Gems and Glitzy Watches

Geneva and Carogue – Evening Gems and Glitzy Watches, Geneva, Switzerland (B)

Geneva, the bustling city of Switzerland, with its swanky hotels, billboards of luxury watch brands and yet also, go deep into its old town protestant history. Find out about this lovely city by walking through the streets and immerse in what it has to offer.

Geneve is the 2nd most populated city after Zurich in Switzerland. The infamous Mount Mont Blanc , a very iconic mountain, can be seen from Geneva and merely just an hour drive from the city centre.

‘Bank’ in Geneva – most of us would only familiar with their world renown/ trusted Swiss financial banks. However, the ‘bank’ we are talking here is the 2 banks separated by the Geneva Lake – right and left bank.

The left bankcomprises of 4 districts, and while the ‘rich’ bank on the other side is where the stunning gorgeous hotels are perched, neatly side by side along the riverbank. Being always naturally inclined to check out the standard of hotels given my job hazard, I had the chance to stroll along the street and enter a few of them, being blown away by their stunning deco and rich designs. Tons of business trading are done here so it does attract the wealthier travellers to its grounds. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Geneva and Carogue – Evening Gems and Glitzy Watches
Guide Location: Switzerland » Geneva
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Author: Lydia Yang
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  • Jean Jacques Rousseau Island
  • Carogue-Marche
  • Restaurant Au Vieux
  • Patek Philippe Museum