Get in on Dresden

Get in on Dresden, Dresden, Germany (B)

As if I will ever be able to truly capture the spirit and ambiance of a place like Dresden in a single blog post! I did not know a city like this existed in Germany.

Dresden was so young. I felt like I was walking around a college campus most of the time, what with the laid-back, creative hipster clothing styles, interesting haircuts and colors, and student-aged people relaxing in coffee shops and colorful bars around each corner.

It was so inspiring, that I just had to do my photo post from Dresden all in vintage Polaroid format. Not even an option to do it another way. The only other time I felt a photo post deserved a more creative format than the typical 10-15 pictures was for Postcards in Portugal.

But Dresden. Dresden had a vintage and retro tone that splashed on every perspective of the city. For my French friend, Laura, and me, it all started in the Neustadt.

First of all, make sure you get the train stations straight. Dresden Central Station, or Hauptbahnhof, is located south of the Altstadt and river. Bahnhof Dresden - Neustadt is located north of the river and much closer to the Neustadt. If you're just coming for a day trip, the main Hauptbahnhof will suffice, but most lodging options are in the Neustadt, and you don't want to end up dragging your luggage for an hour! ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Get in on Dresden
Guide Location: Germany » Dresden
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Author: Christy Swagerty
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  • Lollis Homestay Hostel Dresden
  • England, England
  • Max Neustadt
  • Schokoladenbar Cafe Bar Delikatessen
  • El Cubanito
  • Kunsthofpassage Dresden
  • Lady Yule
  • B and B Secondhand
  • Statue of August II
  • Katholische Hofkirche
  • Frauenkirche Dresden
  • Semperoper Dresdem
  • Furstenzug
  • Hausmannsturm
  • The Zwinger