Hollywood Elite's 7 Favorite Deauville Draws

Hollywood Elite's 7 Favorite Deauville Draws, Deauville, France (B)

A standout beach on the shores of Normandy, Deauville has earned its place as a playground for the rich, famous, and celluloid elite. With its timeless elegance and captivating coastline, this coastal gem has beckoned movie stars and celebrities for decades. Here is a journey through the most glamorous sights in Deauville that have left an indelible mark on Hollywood history.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the twinkling lights of Deauville's iconic boardwalk come alive. Each wooden beach cabin, bearing the names of luminaries like Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Welles, and Clint Eastwood, stands as a testament to the town's star-studded legacy. With every step along the promenade, you're walking in the footsteps of legends who have left their mark on both the silver screen and the golden sands.

At the heart of Deauville's allure, the Deauville International Centre sets the stage for glamour to unfold. Picture this: a grand red carpet unfurled, flashbulbs illuminating the night, and a parade of A-list celebrities making their entrance. The likes of Catherine Deneuve, Julianne Moore, and Johnny Depp have graced this hallowed ground during the film festival, leaving an air of allure and anticipation that lingers long after the applause has faded. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Hollywood Elite's 7 Favorite Deauville Draws
Guide Location: France » Deauville
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Author: Christy Swagerty
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Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • La Promenade des Planches
  • Deauville International Centre
  • Hotel Normandy Barrière
  • Hotel Royal Barrière
  • Théâtre du Casino Barrière
  • Plage de Deauville
  • Promenade Lucien Barrière